Carl and Roger of Insision

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Carl and Roger of Swedish Band Insision


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Here is an interview with Carl, the singer and Roger on guitar in the Swedish metal band Insision who recently released their second album ?REVEALED AND WORSHIPPED”.



Would you like to tell the readers a bit about the band

Carl: Fuck man, of course! It actual began back in 1997 with the braking of two other bands that after the breakup merged together as Insision. Some demos and MCD?s plus a hell of a lot of member switches, Insision as we know today, got a little more stabile and were for the first time a full line up one year after we got the deal with Earache. And here we are. Our goal is to play what we want: DEATH METAL  – Br??l Br??l!!

Roger : Yep and now we have recently released our second full length album ? Revealed and Worshipped??..


Where in Sweden do you guys live?

Carl: Good question man. When people talk about Sweden they say ?Ahhh The Gothenburg scene /sound and bla bla?? It seems like people don?t know that Sweden is bigger than Gothenburg,
Ahh shit hah. We are from Stockholm the capital of Sweden all born and raised, ahh well at least 2 of us, but yeah we?re from Stockholm inner city.


How was your previous album ?BENEATH THE FOLDS OF FLESH? greeted by the fans/press?

Roger: The first release did get good response though the production could have been better. But it is strong songs so that matches up everything. It?s a good and brutal first album. Those who didn?t like it complained on the production and that the voice was a little monotonic. The response where mostly good. 


How long did it take to write and record that album?

Roger :  If I remember right I think we recorded and mixed it on two weeks. 


Who writes the music and lyrics?

Carl: I?m responsible for the lyrics, Roger is doing most of the riffs and then we meet up and make it work the way we want together.

Roger : I think I did 8 of the songs on the new record and then Daniel did ?Unrest? and Toob did pretty much on ?The Clensing?. I usually comes with an idea and then the guys say if they like it or if they don?t. Carl often has the lyrical part ready and we try to make it fit in the best possible way.


In which studio have you recorded the debut?

Roger: We recorded it in the south of Sweden in Berno Studio. It went smoothly. We all stayed there together at the time of the recording which was great.


Do you think that you have gone through some development musicwise if you compare your two albums?

Carl: First thing is that BTFOF was a compilation of some old and some new material. 3 new songs and the rest were from the demo days 00-01, and the new one is written all together which make it a more thought-through record all in all. You can actually hear the red line going through it. Deeper songs, heavier sound, songs that are put together to work that way. To make a mark on you, and when you have the lyrics in your hand you?ll see it ever clearer. As usual when you record a new thing it always feel better, bigger and faster, but this is! We actually done it: Better, faster, and deeper this time around, all from day one. This is an amazing album.
Of course we also have developed a hell of a lot, we grew closer and stronger as a band but also musically. Vocals for example are changed from the debut to the new album. I tried to make them a bit more vivid this time around. Alive and with peaks and valleys but without making it cheesy

Roger: I feel that the development have been to the good side. Many times a band develops but in the wrong direction. We can be more melodic and/or go more into Black Metal or whatever but we have tried to stay on the same path and not trying to experiment to much with different shit that can destroy a band. I mean, we love to play this music and way not continuing play the stuff we do. We?re never going to change the vocals to more hardcore  fuck that. We?ll never do a melodic record either that?s not Insision. If you want to hear shitty melodies  put on a George Michael record or something.


Have you released anything before your debut album?

Carl: Of course man, the first demo back in ?98 called ?Meant To suffer? then the MCD ?The Dead live on? in 99 (all back with older members except Roger). The ?Promo 2000? tape recorded with the line up that we had on both the debut and the later (the one we got the Earache deal from). After That ?The Revelation of the SadoGod? Tape and 10? (it came as a split with Inveracity from Greece both 10? and CD ).

Roger : It?s not like we formed the band and starting record full length albums. It have been hard work from the beginning until now.


Have you done a lot of touring through the years?

Carl: We have done some small stuff like The Bezerker tour and Decapitated tour both in 2002 and some trips to Germany as well. But we have been playing a lot in Sweden and a lot of 1-2 gig- situations in our northern countries. Our Biggest tour so far has been the Suffocation Europe tour that we just arrived from? Awesome shit!

Roger:  Finally it starting to happen something and when it happens our drummer and our second guitarist don?t want to play anymore, what can u say haha. We will continue anyhow. We have been in this situation before and we?ll survive. It?s all about the music in the end. If you don?t like it anymore you shouldn?t play it.


Have you got any plans on going out on tour now? Are you going to do any shows in Scandinavia?

Roger : We?re now rehearsing with a couple of second guitarists which we?ll soon announce. Don?t want to rush anything, we don?t want to be in a situation where members begins and quits all the time. At the same time it?s pretty hard to find musicians that have the ability to play this kind of music they don?t grow on trees. You have to be satisfied with them at all the levels (both personally and musically)  cause you?ll see each other almost every day in the week.


Have you gone through some member changes?

Carl: Hell of a lot?

Roger : It sucks?.


Why have you chosen to call the new album ?REVEALED AND WORSHIPPED?? does that mean anything special to you?

Carl: I had it in a dream. Woke up at 3 and just said it out loud -Revealed and Worshipped that?s the name of the new album. I think it works very well with the lyrics?


How long has it taken to record and write the new album?

Roger: Approximately two years, though we began to have the member problem the last half year before the second recording, everything went really slow the last half year. So about one and a half year you could say. But now in the end we?re damn satisfied with the final result of it.  


Who has written the music and lyrics to that one?

Carl: I am always responsible for the creative lyric making in the band. Always has been always will. Can?t see my self singing anyone else?s lyric.. Yeah of course I sing old Insision song from the ?Dead live on Era? but that?s it!

Roger : I did 8 of the songs on the new one. I have a picture how I see the song and then we change some parts that we feel that we can do better.


Are the lyrics about anything in particular?

Carl: Satan has always inspired me and has a natural place in the lyrics. This time around the lyrics are fused together with a story line going through it all. Its actually a separate text that are cut up in 10 small chapters to fit the lyrics and then a smaller pre – text fused together with each chapter to create a feeling of red line from lyric one to the last. Still in a twisted and disordered way. Inspiration is found on a personal level and of course; Satan is personal to me so all the elements of our horned giant god, lord Satan is there displayed as they come, not to impress nor to preach. Just there. But also the despise for our own rase ?humans? among other topics. It?s dark, damp, deadly and hateful. Woven into this big picture that you might see when you have it all in front of you.


How was it to work with your producer Mieszko Talarczyk?

Carl: Mieszko is easy to work with and have lots of good ideas on how to put stuff down to make it work well. All in all we had a very good experience and we are actually thinking of returning to Sound lab if possible in the future. But we have to wait and see what time reveals.

Roger: Yep, it was a good feeling stepping into Soundlab from the beginning. Everything went really smooth and we also had the chance to work on the nights which we did.


Did you knew him from before and why did you chose him to produce?

Roger: There isn?t that many studios to choose from here so we knew that it was one of the best studios for brutal music in Sweden. Also it wasn?t that far from Stockholm so in that way it was good.


Are you satisfied with the album or do you feel you should have done anything different?

Carl: That feeling always comes, its natural but hey this is a fucking great album, I?m satisfied!

Roger : You can always make things different. Would be stupid to say that we can?t do any better because I now we can do. The final result is great though.


Are there any particular songs that you are especially proud of?

Roger: Every song has some part that you like but if I have to choose I would say ? Faul Smell Of Humans? or ?Grotesque Plague Mass?.


How much of the album is recorded on one take?

Roger: Almost every song. We play the song through and then we listen to it and make minor adjustments. On the solos we try to experiment more so it can be some takes cause of that.


Do you see any problems in that your label isn?t based in Sweden?

Carl: Would bee nice to just go over to them and punch them in the face sometimes. In the same way its good they don?t live nearby ha, ha. No there is no problem with them not being in Sweden. We have quite a good communication with Earache/WickedWorld.


How does the co-operation work with Earache? Have you always been on that label?

Roger: We did record our MCD on the Swedish label Heathendoom so that was our first label. And it was because of them Earache first heard of us which feels great. So you could say that the first label we released a full length on was Earache. And since then we have been on that. All we can say is that it have worked out very good so far.


Have you read any reviews on the new album yet? How has the respond from the media been?

Roger : Mostly good response. But also some negative which is good too, everyone can?t like it.


I would describe your music like Florida death metal in the same style as Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, how would you describe your music?

Roger: Well we just try to take in all the stuff we like to hear in Death Metal and trying to add a groovy feeling to it so it?s not getting boring to listen to. We don?t want to repeat anything, just trying to develop.


What do you think of the Swedish metal scene today?

Roger : The brutal music is doing good and I hope some of the bands will be around say 5 years from now. Things can change fast and trends come and goes so all we have to do is wait and see. We have existed for almost 8 years now and we aren?t stopping yet for sure. We have two more records for Earache and then we?ll see what happens.  


On your website it says that anyone who are tired of melodic crap from Sweden should listen to you, what exactly do you mean by that?

Carl: Its quite obvious isn?t it?!. If you are tired of the melodic stuff that comes from Sweden and only think that there are only that kind off Death metal then CHECK THIS SHIT OUT. There are Death Metal that isn?t MELODIC-GOTHENBURG SOUNDING and here we are!!! But to be honest, this fighting the melodic metal thing was something that felt fresh and very interesting in 2000-2002 as it actually HAS been a lot of melodic bullshit coming from Sweden and that makes everyone think that if YOU are from Sweden then it MUST mean you play melodic stuff and that bugged us quite a bit you see. But nowadays the world already now that there is some really brutal acts coming from Sweden (and Stockholm). Yup, we won the fucking battle, Sweden is no longer JUST known as a melodic Death Metal – country. Other bands that are nice to mention is also: Immersed In Blood, Visceral Bleeding, Kaamos, Spawn of possession, Imperious. All really good and ass kicking band (not necessarily from Stockholm) there are bands that don?t bend for the trend man!

Look at more Stockholm based bands at the new started EXTREM STOCKHOLM SITE


Do you like any Swedish metal bands?

Roger:  I hate them all, haha. Seriously there?s good bands out there and Carl mentioned a few on the other question, Immersed in Blood, Visceral Bleeding, Kaamos, Spawn of possession, Imperious Also Strangulation, Deranged, Vomitory etc. 

Who?s come up with the band name and does it mean anything special to you guys?

Roger: Insision is a medical term witch means to cut up something. Insision means that we?re here to stay, cut us into peoples heads.


Do you have any role models or people you look up to within the music scene?

Roger:  Everyone who struggles to get their music out whatever it is Jazz or Death Metal. You don?t have to make big money to be satisfied with what you play as long as you get food and something to drink before the show.


How big do you think your fan-base is today? Do you receive lots of mail from fans?

Roger : Well we get some mails and stuff but it?s not like we are answering fan mails everyday. It is always great to hear from someone that the songs feels personal for, that?s what we want. We want people to remember the particular riff or the text in the song. 


Are there any plans on when the next album is going to come?

Roger:  We?ll start doing new songs right away and hoping for a release late 2005 early 2006 depending on our creativity. I think we can manage that.


What are the plans for Insision for the rest of 04/05?

Roger: Would be great coming over to the U.S. 2005 to tour some over there. We?ll probably try to hit the road with Suffocation on their U.K. tour later this year but nothing is really booked at this point. Also we?ll hit the road with GodHate from Sweden to do a small Finnish tour later this year.  


Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of

Carl: hay damn!! DEATH METAL REALLY RULES! Haha? Good Interview. Good luck with this zine and hey, get back for a link trade! For all you hungry ones who are looking for some hot deadly Death Metal well, step by the Insision -den and take a bite out of our latest creation. Totally Fucking free!

Also support the scene by stepping by (in Swedish) Hail Satan!

Roger: If you haven?t checked out the latest Insision Video follow the link (with Real Player )

Want to thank for this interview and thank all who have supported us until now, fans and zines, keep up the good work.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Thank you Anders.


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