Various Artists – Black Mark – Metal By Metal (DVD)

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Reviewed: September 2004
Released: 2003, Black Mark
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick


A collection of 10 videos from Black Mark artists.

Black Mark has put together this DVD that covers the promotional video releases of many of their best bands. Unfortunatly I didn’t receive any information with the DVD and the liner notes are very inadequate. They consist of nothing more than the name of the video and the album from which it derives. But really, what more do you need anyway? The whole point of this DVD is to get the videos out the fans because for the most part these things never see the light of day on most television stations.

The disc contains 11 videos from 7 bands. The opener is from Morgana Lefay who deliver the best video of the bunch. It is for the song “Malfecium” which can be found on their album of the same name. The video contains both band performance sequences and clips of lead singer Charles Rytonken being taken by Priests or monks and being prepared to burn at the stake. The video is well shot and the songs lends itself to the imagery that the director conjures. All in all this is the best video on the disc. Morgana Lefay also contributes the video for “To Isengard” which is culled from their released SANCTIFIED. Again this video is mixed performance and acting clips but the quality of the clips is low and even though the performance is terrific the video suffers because of clips which look like they were shot on 8mm film. Momento Mori makes 2 contributions. The first video is for “I Am” which can be found on the album LIFE, DEATH AND OTHER MORBID TALES. This lineup of Momento Mori features Candlemass vocalist Messiah Marcolin and former King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, current Dream Evil drummer Snowy Shaw. This is a straight forward performance video that gives an interesting look at a couple of metal premier performers. The second video is “Endlessly” and features a new lineup of the band sans Snowy Shaw and Messiah Marcolin but with the addition of former Tad Morose singer Kristian Andren. One of the more interesting videos from this DVD is “Devils Diner” from Lake of Tears. The song itself is very boppy with almost a 50s rock sound buried amongst the semi goth metal track. The video itself breaks the mold that most of the bands have established on the DVD. While most of the bands chose to go with a dark, black and white and bleak look Lake of Tears create a flashy video lots of colour and the added attraction of dancers. A strange mix of visuals to be sure but one that makes this video one of the most enjoyable on the release.

On the whole this is a pretty good release. Being far from the regular tour routes DVDs are one of the only ways that I get to see a wide variety of bands perform. Its even more important when a band such as Morgana Lefay seems to have called it a day or a band has totally changed its sound and lineup as in the case of Tad Morose. More in depth liner notes would have been of great benefit with this release but one the whole METAL BY METAL is a great look at some of past stars of the Black Mark roster.


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Track Listing:
Morgana Lefay – Malfecium
Memento Mori – I Am
Cemetary – Sweet Tragedy
Edge of Sanity – Black Tears
Tad Morose – Lost in Time
Memento Mori – Endlessly
Lake of Tears – Devils Diner
Morgana Lefay To Isengard
Edge of Sanity – Uncontroll Me
Lake of Tears – Ravenland

Agressor – Someone to Eat

Technical Details:
Format Reviewed:
Run Time: 55 minutes
Sound: Stereo 2.0
Production Year: 2003