Gravy – Bones

Reviewed: July 2004
Released: 2004, n/a
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Gravy is the latest project by original Bang Tango guitarist Mark Knight. After BT folded in the early 90’s Marked moved back to Malibu found his roots and started playing music from the heart. After hooking up with the other members in the band they played a few shows at a local club then decided to record a couple of tracks. That resulted in the 15 on this album.
Funky, Melodic and Rockin’ is the best way to describe this debut release. Great cuts like “Lighten My Load” and “Show Me What Your Made Of” keep the listener interested in this disc from start to finish. Great funky bass similar to RHCP but not as in your face which works great with the hard hitting drums. Drummer Biggs just seems to smack the hell out of the drums like a madman. Don’t expect double bass or super fast drumming here it is just a great groove oriented backbeat. Couple it with the funky bass and you have an excellent funky jam going. You can hear a few 70’s classic rock influences in the songs but none that are a blatent rip off of certain bands.
A good refreshing disc in the usually boring world of Rock n Roll. Who wants today’s flavour of month when you can have GRAVY????


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Track Listing:
Lighten My Load
Monkey Boy
Show Me What You\’re Made Of
In Deep
Dirty Dog
Hard To Do
What\’s It To Ya
Eye To Eye
Brown Baggin\’ It (Get Together)
Stand Me Up
Good Things
Seein\’ Is Believin\’
One Time Or Another

Mark Knight (vocals, guitar)
Mark Tremalgia (guitar)
Erik Szabo (keyboards)
Jon Biggs (drums)
Rocc Thomas (bass)