Twilightning – DELIRIUM VEIL

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Reviewed: May 2003
Released: 2003, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

An ever-growing stream of Power Metal bands seems to come from Finland these day. Many of them are quality bands formed by a bunch of relatively young musicians that are already amazingly technical with their instruments, like true professionals, and have a sharp sense for truly stand-out song structures and so on… Twilightning is one of those bands that has every potential to hit their thing big in the world in the coming months when the band´s debut album, DELIRIUM VEIL, will find its way into many music stores around the world. I bet Twilightning´s Hard Rock -tinged (a´la Pink Cream 69) Power Metal will at least be very appealing to the Japanese Power Metal fans as I have seen many bands similar to their sound reaching lots of status in the land of the Rising Sun. Obviously, only time will tell what will happen to them…

Some background info: Twilightning was formed in 1998 and after hard rehearsing the guys recorded their 1st ever demo a year later in 1999. The band´s 2nd demo (titled AFFECTION SEEKER) was recorded a year after that, but it was the guys´ 3rd demo, RETURN TO INNOCENCE that actually brought them a record deal with Spinefarm Records. The Spine -staff has managed to find a true talent to add to their amazing stable once again. Twilightning simply fuckin´ ROCKS harder than 10 Apache AH-64D Longbow helicopters flying in formation. DELIRIUM VEIL is a very well-made package of a modern-day Power Metal with some ´80s Hard Rock ingredients. The solos, overall, are nicely captivating, the lead work is amazing, the vocals sound like the band´s vocalist Heikki Poyhia learned to sing at the age of 1 before saying ´mommy´ or ´daddy´ for the first time – but above all of this, there´s not one weak or average song to be found on DELIRIUM VEIL. A combination of some catchy Power Metal elements and the ´80s sounding Hard Rock seems to be a master recipe for the band that really drags them out of the pile and make them one of the best newcomers for the world of Power Metal legions.

Of course, the band has its own obligatory \”twists and turns\” that make you think of some other bands that sound like them””for example, those occasional Sonata Arctica influences in a song called “Jester Realm,” due to its familiar Tony-like vocal arrangements mainly. There are similarities with other bands, as well. The synth part in the beginning of “At the Forge” brings Europe to mind in some odd way; some Sonata Arctica/Kenzier -combination reigns supreme in the album´s title track “Delirium Veil” and when “Return to Innocence” bursts forth from the speakers, the synth part within the first 10 seconds reminded me a bit of Stratovarius. There is no denying it–some influences from several melodic metal bands are obviously there sticking out like sharp nails from Twilightning´s world of a well-balanced and sophisticated enough Metal/Hard Rock, but they have been used pretty much in an entertaining measure on this strong debut album of theirs.

Last, but not least DELIRIUM VEIL´s technical credits are no less than the following: The album has been recorded at Astia Studio by Anssi “Ripuli” Kippo; mixed at Finnvox Studios by Timo Tolkki and mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila. Lucky Twilightning -bastards got some of the best guys in the whole world to work with their debut album, so you know at least what to expect from the album production-wise, don´t you?

Is there more? Well, actually there is, yes… Just be sure not to miss Twilightning´s impressive debut!! Y´know, it would be your loss only… not mine.


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Track Listing:
01. Gone to the Wall
02. At the Forge
03. Jester Realm
04. Delirium Veil
05. Return to Innocence
06. Under Somber Skies
07. Seventh Dawn
08. Enslaved to the Mind
09. Masked Ball Dalliance

Heikki Poyhia – Vocals
Mikko Naukkarinen – Keyboards
Jussi Kainulainen – Bass
Tommi Sartanen – Guitar
Ville Wallenius – Guitar