Warlock – Doro Pesch and Warlock Live – Legends of Rock (DVD)

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 2002, Classic Pictures Entertainment
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG


A live concept in London from 1985.

The Teutonic metal goddess on DVD?!?! I saw this DVD on the shelf of my local music store and was floored. I didn’t even know this was out on DVD!! One thing I find weird is the DVD’s title. This is Warlock, not a Doro Pesch solo band. So why didn’t they just put “Warlock Live” as the title? I guess they are capitalizing on her namesake and figure less people will know the Warlock name. Either way, this is an excellent and welcome addition to the Legends of Rock DVD series.

For those of you who have heard the more recent material from the hard rocking Doro Pesch solo albums like FIGHT or CALLING THE WILD you might wonder why us old fucks refer to her as a Metal Queen. If you would of heard old Warlock or if you were into metal in the 80’s you would know why. That reason was again nailed home when I watched this performance of Warlock recorded live in 1985 at the Camden Palace in London. It’s amusing to see the band looking so very much like a product of that era with the clothing, hair, etc. However, the music is not fluff and despite having an 80’s sound, the music stands the test of time. There are some hard driving metal songs on here for sure. How can you go wrong with “Burning The Witches” live? Sure the chorus is a bit repetitive, but what a killer song! The speed and fury of songs like “Hateful Guy” and “Hellride” also deliver. This live gig showcases great vocals; killer solos, raw 80’s Warlock, and simply put, classic heavy metal from a band that has left a mark on the scene. As a DVD the extras are useless. The credits play over the beginning of the first song and the last. We don’t get to see the band take to the stage or depart? It’s just boom, here’s the live gig and bang it’s over about 60 mins later. It would have been cool to see some behind the scenes stuff, some interviews backstage before/after the gig, all the Warlock videos, etc. For a live show though, this is well worth picking up.

Some might be a bit disappointed to learn that this concert was done prior to the release of Warlock’s most popular album TRIUMPH AND AGONY. So you will not be hearing a live version of one of the best-known Warlock tracks, “All We Are” and that is a bit unfortunate. On the flipside, we do get to see a young and hungry band playing tracks that they might of dropped form their set by the time of that album’s release. So take this DVD for what it is. If you are a fan of Doro and of 80’s metal, this is highly recommended.


No Videos Available

Track Listing:
1. Out Of Control
2. Earthshaker Rock
3. Metal Racer
4. Wrath Child
5. Hellbound
6. Holding Me
7. Shout It Out
8. Evil
9. Without You
10. Hateful Guy
11. All Night
12. Burning The Witches
13. Time To Die

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Run Time:
Production Year: 2002




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