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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 2003, Earache
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Chicago´s own Celtic Frost -worshipping metal maestros Usurper has made the very best album of their whole career. Damn right folks, this is it without a single doubt… Usurper´s absolutely the best album to date!! Well, hold on a moment there and let me allow to explain why I came up with this conclusion. Actually I wanna make this a bit easier for me by borrowing a quote of Usurper´s axe meister Rick Scythe. He described the album by the following words: \”Total old-school Thrash Metal with some over-the-top traditional Heavy Metal hooks, and plenty of dark, underlying atmosphere. This album is the heaviest and most precise we ever had by far…\”. I have to admit his description about it is very fitting indeed; he nailed it down better in those two particular lines than anyone of us could possibly capable of doing, so let´s not argue with him.

Anyway, everything on TWILIGHT DOMINION sounds like the guys have truly concentrated on writing the songs for this album harder and more devotedly than ever before; kind of trying to make each and every song stand out the best possible way, and trying to achieve the most satisfying result by truly giving some time for their song arrangements. And it can be heard off the whole content on TWILIGHT DOMINION that all these hard efforts to create a bunch of really catchy and definitely killer Thrash Metal songs, have without a doubt paid off for the guys – assumable even better than some of us would have guessed in the very first place. If you remember Usurper sounding like the best imitators of these well-known Switzerland gods of crushing and atmospheric Thrash Metal, you probably won´t pay that much attention to it any more ´coz the main stress on TWILIGHT DOMINION has been laid down on absolutely heavy yet crushing Thrash riffage that not only pay homage to some of our ´80s favorite Thrash Metal heroes (Slayer, Testament and the likes), but also proves very well that the ´80s Thrash Metal hasn´t ceased to exist and it´s still here amongst us in a damn fine form that bands like Usurper not only tries to prove it on TWILIGHT DOMINION, but also makes us all very convinced for the fact, it´s definitely them that really has a superior understanding about all of it; I mean, how thrash Metal should be played the most entertaining way possible and how to make your songs out incredibly effortlessly without sounding cheesy, corny or anything alike.

The fact is, however, TWILIGHT DOMINION has many great songs on it. It´s really hard for me to pick up any particular songs by name and say this or that song sounds better than some other song. The greatness and the strenght of this album can be found from the content of all the 12 tracks on it. They are all somewhat equally good and I really cannot say none of the songs beats some other song by a sharper and more twisted riff or a catchier chorus part or something alike. The whole album stands out alone as its entertaining wholeness and simply fails to serve any mediocre stuff to its listener. Celtic Frost, Slayer, Testament, etc. influences certainly are all there and the guys neither have hesitated to show these cards on this absolutely brilliant ´Thrashtastic´ album nor have they tried to hide them somewhere ´coz I believe some of their true influential bands have been acknowledged in a wider audience already.

TWILIGHT DOMINION will easily be one of the finest moments created in the history of the whole Thrash Metal genre, definitely!! If you have guts to call yourself as a true Thrash Metal -fan, then this album should be one of your essential parts of your metal collection. If not, you are nothing, but a fuckin´ miserable poseur if being confronted with me!!


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Track Listing:
General Diabolical Slaughter – Vokills
Rick Scythe – Guitars
Carcass Chris – Guitars
John Necromancer – Bass
Dave \”Hellstorm\” Chiarella -Drums

01. Metal Lust
02. The Struggle of Tyrants
03. She Devil
04. Lycanthropic
05. I Am Usurper
06. Golem
07. The Descent
08. Utopian Nightmare
09. Invincible Overlords
10. Vatican Time Machine
11. The Oath of Silence
12. Perpetual Twilight