Saxon – Live 1990 (Greatest Hits Live) – Classic Rock Legends (DVD)

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 2002, Carlton International Media Ltd / Caroline 2 Ltd.
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG


Here’s another DVD that I never expected to own. I had seen this listed on Saxon’s website, but it said it was only available in the European PAL format. Well it’s not only available in PAL since I now have the NTSC version thanks to the cunning ways of fellow staff member CelticBob! This concert was filmed for TV and was then sold on videotape, and according to the DVD booklet, on Laser Disc! Now it’s finally available on DVD. This was from Saxon’s 1990 tour that commemorated the band’s tenth year together. This UK/European tour was called \’10 Years Of Denim And Leather\’.

The DVD is bare bones in that it just contains the live performance. There are no extras in terms of Saxon content. There are clips from other DVD’s in the Classic Rock Legends series. That brings to mind the title…Saxon are NOT classic rock! They are and always will be a heavy metal band! Too bad there isn’t a classic heavy metal legends series. It would of been nice to see some other footage on the DVD from this era along with videos and interviews. But I can’t complain too much because the live performance, picture, sound are good, especially considering this is from 1990.

Bassist Nibbs Carter was new to the band at this time and Biff introduces him to the audience. In this performance he is a madman! He bangs his head so damn fast it made MY neck hurt! I believe he was only 22 or so when this was filmed, so that explains why he appears so over the top next to the veterans. Speaking of the rest of the band, Biff is as always in fine form belting out classic Saxon heavy metal. The guitar duo of Paul Quinn and Graham Oliver was also something to be seen as both put on a great performance. Drummer Nigel Glockler kicks some serious ass throughout the gig, especially with his playing on “Frozen Rainbow” which has some great drum work. For the first 1/3rd of the show he’s wearing some retarded looking goggles! I don’t know where he dug them up or why he wore them, thankfully he takes them off! Ha! As for the highlights of the concert, well it depends on what your favorite classic Saxon songs are. For me the songs that get me going are “Heavy Metal Thunder”, “And The Bands Played On”, Princess of the Night”, etc. There was only one song that bored me and that was in part due to them dragging it out for the live audience. That is “Wheels of Steel”…yawn.

In other Saxon news – in a couple of months there will be a NEW Saxon DVD out called CHRONICLES which will hopefully be loaded with all the extras I missed from this one. I am thrilled that Saxon are one of the few originators that are still playing and still writing new and killer material today. They are not a nostalgia act, even if this DVD is about that since it’s from 1990.

So put on your Denim and Leather, grab your Princess of the Night, head out on your Wheels of Steel and Ride Like The Wind to pick up this DVD before the Strong Arm of the Law kicks your ass 20,000 feet over the Frozen Rainbow.


No Videos Available

Track Listing:
01. Heavy Metal Thunder
02. Rock N\’ Roll Gypsy
03. And The Bands Played On
04. 20,000 Feet
05. Ride Like The Wind
06. Motorcycle Man
07. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
08. See The Light Shinin\’
09. Frozen Rainbow
10. Strong Arm of the Law
11. Princess Of The Night
12. Wheels Of Steel
13. Denim And Leather
14. Crusader
15. Rockin\’ Again
16. Back On The Streets

Technical Details:
Format Reviewed:
Run Time:
Production Year: 2002




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