Ekpyrosis – AFTER WAR

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 2003, Mausoleum Records
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Ekpyrosis probably sounds odd as a band name to most of us, so here´s what that is all about: Ekpryrosis was borrowed from the Greek mythology and refers to the process of how Earth was created from fire and will eventually return to that condition.

As a short history lesson about the band´s past, Ekpyrosis was formed in Austria in 1989 by Christian Gruber with his brother Martin Gruber and one other guy who wasn´t mentioned by name in the label´s info kit. After the initial line-up changes, a number of club gigs played in Austria, a couple of demos and albums, getting the chance to get some remarkable opening slots for more established and known bands (like Kreator, Metal Church, Paul Di´Anno and even Deep Purple!?) and even more line-up changes, the band had also recorded their 3rd full-length album originally titled as FIRE, but it was renamed to AFTER WAR once the band had inked a new agreement with their label.

Musically, Ekpyrosis is kind of a hard nut to crack. They\’re surely ´metal´, but it´s a really tough task to draw a line somewhere and say they could limit themselves to some areas of (metal) music as far as their highly innovative, unique and barriers breaking sound is concerned. There are lots of unexpected twists and turns in their songs, many cool synth parts and the fellows in Ekpryosis seem to have a great sense for real hitting melodies, great riffs and quite a few folkish parts in the vein of Skyclad. A real \”macabre\” mishmash of different musical influences. Even Faith No More crawled unexpectedly from somewhere to my mind for some odd reason when I was in the middle of a hard listening session of AFTER WAR. I´m sure lots of people are able to dig up several influences out of these Austrian metallers´ 3rd album – and that´s exactly what you have to do ´coz I stop analyzing their absolutely metallic approach on AFTER WAR right here. I bet Ekpyrosis will be worthy of your undivided attention if you are willing to stretch your musical territory a bit further some day and make some exciting (!) exploration within it…


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Track Listing:
01. Lack of Independence
02. Listen
03. Suffer
04. It Would Only Be a Lie
05. Miss World
06. Caught in an Illusion
07. The Urge
08. Wake Up
09. Snake in the Grass
10. This Is God (Bonus Track)
11. Awake from Your Sleep (Bonus Track)

Christian Gruber – Vocals & guitar
Mario Scheiber – Guitar & backing vocals
Thomas Prethaler – Bass & backing vocals
Helmut Winter – Drums