Disfigured Victims – BLOOD OF GODS

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 2002, Self-financed
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A two-piece blackish Thrash Metal band from Sundsvall, Sweden, Disfigured Victims approached me with this 3-song demo-CD a while ago and asked me whether I could write my honest thoughts about it for Metal-Rules.com.? Well, as Speed/Thrash Metal is my favorite kind of sport, I simply couldn´t resist this opportunity. Kind of strange enough, but the word ´Thrash´ always puts some ´xtra juices´ floating rapidly in my veins for some strange reason…

Jonny Pettersson (a.k.a “People Suck” from M-R.com´s message board – hello pal!) obviously is responsible for being the creative mind behind all these songs and I have to say, this ain´t a bad start for him at all. Jonny´s musical loves seem to be restricted mainly to both old-school Thrash – and a bit of Black Metal genres. All the three songs songs are a combination of different ingredients from both of these genres even if Disfigured Victims´ main musical emphasis has been laid down to more of these thrashy elements for sure. I would call this as a ´Filthy Blackish Thrash Metal´ a little bit into vein of such soul mates from the same genre as Dekapitator, Hypniosia and Desaster. Disfigured Victims could be said to be a more primitive version of the previously mentioned three bands; like ´a demo version´ from them if this helps you to get a better picture about this new Swedish outfit on the Swedish metal map?!

Especially the second song off BLOOD OF GODS titled “Statues” is like a true barbaric yet crushing metallic kick straight into your forehead; with a heavier production it would surely kill without doubt. Now it just puts you suffer for more similar type of outburst from the band. Also the title track of the CD has this killing tendency to hammer a couple of your bones to pieces by its razor-sharp Thrash -riffs, but due to a relatively ´undergroundish´, relatively light production on the CD, the main purpose to punish a listener kind of cannot be reached fully.

My version of the CD also contains a bonus track called “Warriors of the Northern Land” which is definitely ´the most brutal and heaviest shit a man has been able to create on the face of the Mother Earth ever…!!´ For some it may be even too heavy yet breathtaking experience to listen to this particular song, so I have to recommend skipping it due to its totally slaying nature… you have been warned anyway, hahah!!

BLOOD OF GODS has been made for the fans of filthy Thrash Metal with some Black Metal overtones here and there, so if you think that´s your cup of the hottest tea nowadays, then I bet you already know what to do, don´t you?


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Track Listing:
01. One Second Majesty
02. Statues
03. Blood of Gods
04. Warriors of the Northern Land (bonus track)

Jonny Pettersson – Guitar, Bass & Vocals
John Henriksson – Drums
Olle Groth and David Mårdstam – Percussion
Ayla Yavazalp – Dingeridoo