Crustacean – Insaniac

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 2003, Cold Blood Industries
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

The Netherland\’s own Crustacean offer up 12 tracks of Slayer influenced classic thrash metal on INSANIAC, their second full-length album. The thing I like the most about Crustacean is that unlike many of the newer bands who come out and call themselves thrash metal, who are more or less death metal with some thrash riffs, Crustacean actually sound much more like the thrash of the 80’s!

Crustacean’s Slayer influence is no accident as three of their members are also in a Slayer cover band! Crustacean wastes no time getting things started with “Arena” which begins with some speedy tremelo picked riffing that is fucking awesome. The vocal phrasing in this one reminded me of Slayer even though the vocals do not sound like Slayer. The solo as well would make Kerry King proud. The mayhem continues on “Random Terror” which bounces along with thrashalicious drumming and riffing. By now I am seeing the blood trickle through the air in this kingdom of hell. The pace hardly lets up and all the tracks on here have something in it that grabbed my ear. Another stand out is “Satanizer”…I mean, how can you go wrong with a song title like that? Ha! With lyrics like “There is death and there is pain, with every breath more insane” this track rules and has some nice rapid fire vocal lines and trade off solos….godly! It’s a short song, but still manages to deliver on all fronts. The album as a whole is short clocking in at around 35 mins with 14 tracks!

I’ve got to get this CD into the car CD player and hear it a few hundred times more over the next couple months. Crustacean have won me over with this one album and I am impressed. Usually when I hear about a new “thrash” band I get the CD and end up getting a death metal album or an album with hardcore vocals and thrashy riffing. That is not what Crustacean are about at all. If you love old Slayer and miss the glory that they once offered, then you’ll love Crustacean.


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Track Listing:
01. Arena
02. Random Terror
03. Psycho 2001
04. Satanizer
05. Deathtrap
06. Soulsucker
06. Bloodshot
07. Lost [Head]
08. Penance
09. Redeemer
10. Foul Usurper
11. State Necropolis

JVI – Drums
MKK – Guitars
FDA – Guitars
TMP – Bass and Lead Vocals


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