Carnal Forge – The More You Suffer

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: Apri, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Carnal Forge were founded in 1997 by Jari (Thy Dreams) and Stefan (Steel Attack), they felt the need to do and to create something new and that´s why they formed Carnal Forge. After many auditions the band took shape and the members now are the ones mentioned above. A demo were recorded and the record company War Music signed the band instantly, and the first album WHO\’S GONNA BURN was recorded in \’98. In 2000 Carnal Forge began to write some new stuff and at the same time Dennis Westman (Steel Attack) on bass left the band and was replaced by Jaris\’ brother Petri (Thy Dreams). They also left War Music and signed on for Century, 2000 came the follow up “Firedemon”. When the work on the third album began, Johan Magnusson on guitar left them and Lars Lindén (ex- Rosicrucian/Slapdash) took Magnusson\’s place. In 2001 the third album named PLEASE….DIE was released. Now it´s time for album number 4.Like the other albums this one is recorded in Studio Underground. The production and soundpicture are incredible stabile and everyone in the band has a brilliant sound.

How can you describe Carnal Forges music? I think it´s incredibly well-played trash/death metal with incredible strength and they sound also very angry. But in the middle of all this anger there are some melodic parts hidden. Jonas sounds extremly angry. The Kuusisto Brothers impresses a lot with their twin guitar play. There are some similarities with the Swedish act The Haunted. All of the 12 tracks are of a very high class, it´s a very well worked-through album. I can´t say so much about the lyrics because I only have a promo of the album.

It all starts off with the ultra fast track “HBF Suicide”. There is a calmer part in the middle of the song, and Jonas sounds very angry. “Deathblow” trash/death metal throughout the whole track, very complicated and it also has a lot of tempo changes in it. “Ripped And Torn” has a calm intro and then the intro rises a bit, it´s an incredibly heavy track. Once again the Kuusisto brothers impresses a lot. “Destroy Life” is a very fast track and there´s also a lot of tempo changes in this song too. “Cursed” fast trash/death metal, there´s some melodic parts in this song. “Divine Killing Breed Machine” Lars impresses a lot (but on the other hand, he impresses a lot on the whole album). This is more melodic trash/death metal but the tempo is still high, and Jonas spits out the words. Impressing guitar solo in the middle of the song. “Deep Rivers Of Blood” has a melodic intro, not so fast this time. A lot of guitars high up in the soundpicture. “Breaking Boundries”, “Into Oblivion”, “My Blood Rampage” and “Baptized In Fire” are fast trash/death metal songs. Incredibly technical and complicated music. The album closes with “Let Me Bleed”. Some more of the melodic trash/death metal that signifies Carnal Forge.

The bands new opus THE MORE YOU SUFFER is a masterpiece, there is nothing bad to be said about this at all. It´s a well worked album, it´s technical and this is thrash/death metal for the 21th century. Carnal Forge deserves all the attention they possibly can get, with this album they are going to destroy everything in sight if they go out on tour and play.


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Track Listing:
H.B.F Suicide
Ripped & Torn
Destroy Life
Divine Killing Breed Machine
Deep Rivers Of Blood
Breaking Boundaries
Into Oblivion
My Bloody Rampage
Baptized Of Fire
Let Me Bleed

Jonas Kjellgren – Lead Vocals
Stefan Westerman – Drums
Jari Kuusisto – Guitar
Petri Kuusisto – Guitar
Lars Lindén – Bass