Bloodride – Taste of Bloodride Demo I

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 2003, Self-released
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I suppose the name \”Bloodride\” doesn´t ring too many bells among metalheads these days? A short history lesson about the band is in order here then, I believe. The band was formed by two gentlemen Niko Karppinen (ex-Maple Cross/ex-Legenda/ex-Plan E) and Petteri Lammassaari (ex-Angus Dei/ex-Faff Bay) in one somewhat alcohol-filled evening of 2000 when the guys accidentally met each other at a gig of Tarot in Helsinki and started to warm up an idea of forming their own band. With Niko on guitar and Petteri on drums, and inspired by such Thrash Metal acts as Testament, Slayer, Anthrax and Exodus, this combo´s musical direction was soon ready to take its very first steps on the soil of old-school Thrash Metal; only the remaining musicians for bass, another guitar and vocals needed to be found. Soon, however, the remaining 3 guys were recruited to the line-up of Bloodride; Teemu Vahakangas (ex-Astaroth/ex-Yell/ex-Unshine) came to another guitar, Esa Pennala (ex-Rutja) took a 4-stringer and Jyrki Leskinen found himself behind the microphone. After some hard training, the band was ready to thrash out their 1st ever demo.

“Backstabber” starts off the demo and some sharp and tearing old-school Thrash -riffs are churned out in the air, reaching a relatively intense level as a wholeness and a strong smell of old-school Thrash Metal is easily sensed out of it all. Unfortunately, “Backstabber” doesn´t offer too many surprises musically at all, but no doubt, an undying spirit of the old-school Thrash Metal is present all that time while the song lasts.

“Spawn” is kicked off next out from the speakers and has a way more aggressive vibe in it. The main riff in this tune clearly reeks for the name of good´n´old times again and the intensity level is kept surprisingly high through the four minutes this tune lasts. Jyrki´s vocal parts are spitted out a bit into Souza/Baloff -vein even if I don´t say or claim he sounds like none of these guys that much after all. This certain tone he uses in his ´raspy´ voice is kind of similar compared to those two aforementioned ´Thrash -icons´, though. The song is definitely my own favorite off the 4 songs on offer here.

“From the Mouth of Madness” is a very riff -orientated song again – and basically doesn´t differ from the 1st two songs that much musically. It´s no denying that some well churned out guitar riffs by courtesy of both Niko and Teemu are the carrying force of the song quite clearly once again, but there´s something ´wrong´ in the vocal arrangements in this tune as most of the time it sounds like they sort of don´t ´fit´ into the song. Something is a bit out of place here for sure…

“Truth Spoken” shows Bloodride´s ability to create catchy and melodic chorus parts for their songs. Even if most of the time the guys keep the song aggressive and tight, it´s actually the chorus part that provides this particular song an opportunity for more space to breath a little bit better in terms of both creativity and overall catchiness – making it to stand out far better as far as some variety is concerned. Absolutely my 2nd fave tune on this promo right after “Spawn”.

Everyone of you, please take a note that this is Bloodride´s debut demo-CD and it´s already darn promising one, so I already could see at least a few dozens of you old-school Speed/Thrash -maniacs requesting a chance to get a copy of it…


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Track Listing:
01. Backstabber
02. Spawn
03. From the Mouth of Madness
04. Truth Spoken

Jykä – Vocals
Niko – Guitar
Teemal – Guitar
Esa – Bass
Petteri – Drums