Artillery – By Inheritance

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 1990, Roadrunner Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: The Punishment Due

Recently on the Metal-Rules forum, I have seen this band and album talked about a lot and praised to the highest degree. I thought I’d pay my own tribute in this month’s reviews, as this is an outstanding thrashterpiece. This was the Danish band’s third full-length release back in 1990, and unfortunately their last effort before splitting, although thankfully they reunited and made their comeback with B.A.C.K. in 1999

For me, this album is right up there with the thrash classics such as RUST IN PEACE, HELL AWAITS, ALICE IN HELL and the like. Throughout the entire CD it’s an all-out thrash attack, with all the aggression and venom that great thrash is made of, but strangely enough it’s one of the most up-beat “happy” metal albums I’ve ever heard. The guitar sound is very crunchy and the riffing is amazingly tight with loads of speedy palm muting, although each song is pretty mid-paced or a bit faster. It’s not Dark Angel style fast, more like PEACE SELLS Megadeth. There’s no shortage of riffs either, and every one is a memorable riff. One of the best songs is the title song – this one has it all. A lone guitar picks through a short, frantic intro, then the gods of heavy metal dropped a mother-load of their spawn and this song blazes through several riffs of fury before Flemming starts screaming. This song has loads of brilliant riffs all tightly played, and a couple of great solos. “Bombfood” is another one of the stand-out tracks, with the lyrical theme about soldiers at war (what a coincidence.) It starts out pretty mellow, with Flemming singing relatively low, but with sincerity. With the ending of the first verse, the song bursts into full motion at the chorus, with Flemming screaming unbelievably loud and passionately, rasping such lines as “Soldiers, you’re not worth a damn!” The second solo in this song is one of the greatest moments in metal, pretty much wrapping up a truly epic song that totally drew me in.

The drumming is a big high point in this album for me. The quality of the fills and rolls is great, and the drummer doesn’t hold back with his double kicks and triplets, making what could be straightforward simple beats into many runs of complicated, alternating rhythms. I also must point out that I love the vocals. Flemming sounds like a much gruffer version of Bruce Dickinson or King Diamond, though he still definitely has the range.

In conclusion, one of the best thrash metal albums ever. It’s well produced, it’s technically very sound, the riffs totally rule and the guitars have perfect sound and heaviness. These are some of the catchiest thrash metal songs I’ve ever heard in what is a very cheery album for metal in general. Pick it up ASAP, this one is a pure classic.


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Track Listing:
01 – 7 00 From Tashkent
02 – Khomaniac
03 – Beneath The Clay (RIP)
04 – By Inheritance
05 – Bombfood
06 – Don\’t Believe
07 – Life In Bondage
08 – Equal At First
09 – Razamanaz
10 – Back In The Trash