A18 – Foreverafternothing

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Reviewed: April 2003
Released: 2003, Victory Records
Rating: 0.1/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

At this time, I would ask for you to please check your browser’s address bar. It should say Metal-Rules, not Hardcore-Rules. I am somewhat confused as to why hardcore label Victory Records would be sending promo CDs to our ‘zine. Perhaps it’s due to the favorable review I gave Dead to Fall’s debut album a few months ago. Obviously, the quality displayed on Dead to Fall’s first album, also released by Victory, is an anomaly, as A18 is one of the most awful bands I have ever heard. Hardcore labels must be like racoons; feed them once, and they will always return for more.

In any case, here I sit with a copy of A18’s debut, FOREVERAFTERNOTHING and an obligation to review it, though I am probably the last person on the MR staff suited for reviewing an album of the hardcore genre.

Yeah. Hardcore. Woo.

More like, here I sit with one gigantic turd of an album mucking up my CD-ROM with rotation after rotation of liquified feces while the half-simians that make up this abomination (apparently, they are also members of several defunct hardcore bands…too bad they couldn’t let their illustrious legacy rest) try to pound out a decent riff to save their lives. The result is much akin to a group of drunken chimpanzees if one were to give them a bucket of tools and parts and ask them to rebuild a classic hot rod engine block. No offense to the drunken chimpanzees, of course. FOREVERAFTERNOTHING sounds exactly like every other bit of hardcore I have ever heard. Derivative riffs, the typical hardcore screaming, and almost enough noise to make Strapping Young Lad jealous. Maybe if Agnostic Front had released this album twenty years ago, it may have been relevant.

I’m not even going to bother to decipher the kindergarten-ish scrawls that pass as the lyrics in the booklet. Their label claims that they are straight-edgers, though I would only guess what other Pinko-leftist rants or pseudo-anger that a bunch of southern California kiddies would feel if daddy told them they couldn’t take the SUV to the mall or skate shop. The “A” in A18 stands for Amendment, referring to the 18th amendment of the United States Constitution (for those of you unfamiliar with U.S. government and history, the 18th amendment was the unsuccessful Prohibition amendment, which outlawed the public use of alcohol, later repealed).

The band’s website, www.heroesaredead.com proclaims A18 as “The Most Hated Band in Southern California.” At least they’re honest. Listening to their CD, it’s no wonder why they received such a title. Stay in So. Cali, A18. Metal-Rules hates you, too. With any luck, their houses will be buried in a mudslide out that way, and we will never be subjected to such torture again. By the way, I want my brain cells back that were lost in the process of listening to and reviewing this disc.


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Track Listing:
1) Dig
2) Broke The Blue
3) Public Apology
4) Three Times Sold
5) With Kind Regards
6) Things I Don\’t Believe
7) Where I Left Off
8) Scars Upon Scars
9) In Droves
10) Bury Me Breathing
11) Hari Kiri

Regis Guerin – Guitar
Tom Stretton – Drums
Anthony Tetrow – Bass
Isaac Golub – Vocals
Michael Hartsfield – Guitar