Poisonblack – Escapexstacy

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Reviewed: February 2003
Released: 2003, Century Media
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

From my neighbour country of Finland comes the band Sentenced. The singer and frontman Ville Laihiala wanted to do something as a guitarist so he formed Poisonblack. I have not followed Sentenced at all so I don’t know so much about them except for the last record from 2002, the masterpiece “The cold white light”. According to the info note this is not a project or something to do while the ordinary band is resting,Ville has put all his energy on this debut album. Poisonblack were formed at the end of 2000 together with some talanted and close friends.

Ville wanted to concentrate on just playing the guitar so he contacted J.P and wondered if he wanted to sing on the debut. The two met when Charon was support to Sentenced on the Crimson Tour.This debut was recorded in the Neo Studio, I’m not sure where the studio is located but I presume it’s somewhere in Finland. The band plays gothic metal, there are some similarities with Sentenced and bands like Paradise Lost and the swedish band Marble Arch. The sound on this debut is very dark. J.P’s voice sounds very sad, ordinary gothic band has keyboards high up in the soundpicture, Poisonblack has more hard and heavy guitars instead. The lyrics are about lust and addiction for life, sex, fire and death.

“THE GLOW OF THE FLAMES” heavy, hard metal with a lot of guitar and it has a very sing along friendly chorus. “LOVE INFERNAL” the whole band in the intro before J.P starts to sing, very slow in the beginning before the tempo rises, and it goes into gothic metal. “THE STATE” more calm, gothic, it goes very slow. Here, J.P sound incredibly sad in his voice. It has very hard guitar throughout the song. “ALL ELSE IS HOLLOW” hard, gothic metal, much like Paradise Lost. “IN LUST” incredibly sad intro, this is more kind of a ballad. “THE EXCITER” a lot of keybaord and very hard guitars. It is very hard and gothic. “LAY YOUR HEART TO REST” J.P with calm guitar that follows him in the intro before the tempo risesa little bit. This song could easily have fitted in on any of the later records with Paradise Lost. “WITH HER I DIE” calm and very sad gothic metal song.“ILLUSION/DELLUSION” hard and fast gothic with very heavy metal guitar.“THE KISS OF DEATH” finishes this strong album up. Very sad gotic metal,a lot of keyboard that backs up J.P.

Ville has created a strong debut with Poisonblack.J.P has a very strong voice and a very big vocal range.The cover looks good made by Sentenced-drummer Vesa Ranta.If you like gothic metal with very hard metal guitars you have to take a look at this album.


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Track Listing:
1. The Glow Of The Flames
2. Love Infernal
3. The State
4. All Else Is Hollow
5. In Lust
6. The Exciter
7. Lay Your Heart To Rest
8. With Her I Die
9. Illusion/Delusion
10. The Kiss Of Death

Ville Laihiala – Lead, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
J.P Leppäluoto – Lead Vocals
Janne Kukkonen – Bass