RPWL – Trying To Kiss The Sun

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Reviewed: December 2002
Released: 2002, Insideout
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: JP

There are very times that I have not enjoyed a band on the InsideOut label, but I must admit this is one of their weaker picks in recent times. RPWL is a German five-piece band with two keyboardists! I’m wasn’t not sure what RPWL stands for, and the web-site www.rpwl.de. is in German, so that was no help to me. A quick visit to www.insideoutmusoic.com revealed this former Pink Floyd Tribute band was named as an acronym of the initials of the founding members. How original, he said sarcastically!

The band play very mellow acoustic driven, keyboard rock. This is pretty wimpy stuff, reminding me of folk music at times. It isn’t until track four, “Sugar For The Ape” we hear any guitar. Perhaps the song is about “apes” like me who desire more electric guitar “sugar” in our songs! I think actually the song is about cocaine, but who knows.

The presentation is decent, nice booklet, good to look at, lots of lyrics in English that are in a font that is hard to read, lots of live photos and so on. The production is great but it is hard to mess up such simple music. It sounds full and lush, the piano and keys come through nicely.

I’m sure this CD has an audience and Pink Floyd dudes might love it but for me this was weak, uninspired songs that were too mellow and lacked depth or charisma. I was going to be generous because I hear what they are trying to do but in retrospect if the only good things I can think of to say are ‘the production and packaging are nice’ then it doesn’t make the grade. Pass.


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