Ricky Warwick – Tattoo`s & Alibi`s

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Reviewed: December 2002
Released: Dece, Sanctuary Records
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

I have always liked Ricky’s former band The Almighty which released their debut in \’89 it was the classical “BLOOD, FIRE AND LOVE” and the follow up from \’91 “SOUL DESTRUCTION”, the third album came \’93 called “POWERTRIPPING”. After that they released two albums that wasn’t so funny at all and after that the band quitted (as far as I know) but after the three first albums I’ve lost interest in them. They reunited but at that time I didn’t care so much about them and now Ricky are on his own.

I don’t have any info on who has written the music/lyrics, where this album is recorded, in which studio, who has produced it or who the musicians are. Mr.Warwick has put 14 songs on this solo album, in my knowledge his first.

And what about his debut album?, this must absolutely be the most boring and unnecessary release last year. There’s nothing wrong about the production and Ricky’s vocals, therefore the high rating, but the lyrics are of no class at all. There’s no flame or spark in this at all, Ricky has taken on singer/song writing music and he seems to be influenced by Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and he has totally abandoned any form of any hard rock what so ever. With thought of what he has done in The Almighty this is unbelievable slow and once again Boring, yes with a capital B. In my opinion this album and the album by Haste are clearly two of the albums you shouldn’t buy under any circumstances. I don’t recommend this to anyone at all. Instead you should check out the first albums with The Almighty. Most of the hardrock/metal artists who tried on the singer/songwriting career haven’t succeeded at all and so also in this case. I can’t understand that Sanctuary has put money in this recording!


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Track Listing:
Can’t Live With Maybe
The Genuine Fool
Three Sides To Every Story
It Always Rains On Sunday
The Church Of Paranoia
Nothing Is Real
Tattoos and Alibis
Minor Miracles
Can’t Get Arrested
Close To The Last Call
Ending Is Better Than Mending