Jughead – Jughead

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Reviewed: December 2002
Released: 2002, Insideout
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This is quite a fun record. It is also probably the least progressive of the albums in this a feature. Jughead are a project of Ty Tabor, Derek Sherinian (is there a prog album he hasn’t been on?) and the Bissonette brothers Matt and Gregg. Automatically you know the talent is there!

The album itself is power-pop, I suppose. It has eleven fun catchy songs that remind me of the more lighter, commercial and accessible moments of King’s X. The CD kicks off with great track called “Halfway Home to Elvis” which if there were any justice in the world would be a radio hit right now. It has great hooks, fun chorus it’s punchy and just fun to listen to.

The rest of the CD is much in the same vein, great songs, lots of multi-layered vocal harmonies and songs about girls but certainly not in a sleazy way. The lyrics are more of little vignettes of happy love songs and the mandatory quirkiness of talent writers who like to have fun with words. My favorite track is “Bullet Train” (not the Priest song) which is so fun and infectious I actually played it for my wife!

The packaging is OK, the cover is funny, the production is warm and full and the music is in all reality quite light and poppy. Regular prog fans and metal fans may want to approach with caution, but if you want to hear Ty Tabor and the boys write songs that blow away almost all other lame power-pop bands, dig in and enjoy.


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