Alghazanth – Osiris – Typhon Unmasked

Reviewed: November 2002
Released: 2002, Woodcut Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Having two demos, one promo-tape and two albums on their roster already, Finnish ´ideological pagan blacksters´ Alghazanth have reached another milestone in their career by the release of their 3rd full-length album titled somewhat mysteriously OSIRIS-TYPHON UNMASKED. It is said to mock the ideology of organized religions and highlights the importance of independent thinking and the fact a strong individual doesn´t have to bow to any other human being. Well, since I´m not into any specific ideologies, I´ll leave it at that. On the contrary, I´m only going to concentrate on the songs instead because I guess that´s the reason why I´m sitting here in the front of my computer and desperately trying to put my thoughts together, good as well as in bad. That´s my job – and it should be done, no matter whether I like it or not. Enough of my whining now, though.

As I travel through the songs on the album from beginning to end three times in a row, it really starts to sound better and better all the time. Their label describes Alghazanth´s music as ´majestic Black Metal´ and I believe that brave terminology does justice to them. Adding such adjectives to the same description as ´symphonic´, ´well-structured / well-thought out,´ ´catchy,´ ´kick-ass sounding,´ etc. you start getting a better idea why I rate this band so highly. All these previously stated adjectives pretty much go hand-in-hand as far as the album´s content is concerned. Alghazanth´s Black Metal comes across rich-sounding, atmospheric, powerful and what´s most important, its evil has no boundaries. It slays. It kills. It thrills. It´s like a well and carefully build up colossal (satanic) church that steals, captures and rapes your soul in its unhallowed heart and makes you suffer all the horrendous pains of Hell.

The band, consisting of Nebiros on vocals, Veilroth on guitar, Thasmorg on guitar, Grimort on bass, A. Simonen (!) on synths, and Gorath Moonthorn on drums could be said to be some sort of ´fans´ of both Dark Funeral and Dimmu Borgir ´coz their songs on OSIRIS have been partly structured the same way. For example “Mercurian Soulscapes,” the 2nd song on the album, starts off like any Dark Funeral song with a furious blast beat, and the guitars behind this particular song race in the very same spirit with a guitar tone that´s so typical for the Dark Funeral albums. The next song after that is called “In Invidiam,” and it’s a mid-paced Black Metal song with some similar atmospheres as on some Dimmu Borgir albums. Also, the rhythm guitar sounds positively heavy and crispy and makes the song sound even more similar to Dimmu´s tones. The next couple of songs, “My Twin of Disorder” and “Regained Planetary Possession” both have something in common with some familiar ´Dark Funeralish´ elements at least in these familiar blast beat sections. Can´t help it a bit, but those comparisons are inevitable for me when listening to the album with my ears tuned for a sharpest level possible. On the other hand the Alghazanth troops keep their song structures a bit more simple and they don´t stuff as many different elements into their songs as their fellow blacksters from both Norway and Sweden do. They don’t rip off either one of them; they just ´borrow´ a riff or two from those two bands and ´spice´ their own delicious Black Metal soup with these ingredients. That´s not stealing. It´s, eh? ´…spicing´!!!

OSIRIS-TYPHON UNMASKED is a must purchase for all those metalheads that prefer to enjoy their dose of Black Metal with some great harmonies, those who like it symphonic and atmospheric and are indeed able to give lots of credit for a great production. This is no bullshit, garage sounding Black Metal recorded by a shitty 4-track recorder, so stay fuckin´ away from this excellent album, both song – and production-wise, if that fact disturbs or irritates you somehow. This album offers just more than ´trolls´ for you.


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Track Listing:
01. The Circle of Six
02. Mercurian Soulscapes
03. In Invidiam
04. My Twin of Disorder
05. Regained Planetary Possession
06. Antithesis
07. The Parody\’s Zenith
08. Horns and Feathers
09. Iconoblast

M. Kotamäki – Vox
Infection – Lead guitar
Thasmorg – Rhythm guitar
Grimort – Bass
Gorath Moonthorn – Drums


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