Wuthering Heights – To Travel For Evermore

Reviewed: October 2002
Released: 2002, The Laser`s Edge/Sensory
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Denmark is not known to be a super happening spot for metal. It has always lagged behind its Scandinavian peers in terms of the quantity and quality of metal bands. There are of course bands that break this stereotype and help to change this impression. Wuthering Heights is one such band. TO TRAVEL FOR EVERMORE is the band’s second full-length album following 1999’s WITHIN. The band is made up of: Rune S. Brink (keyboards), Henrik Flyman (guitar), Morten Sørensen (drums), Kristian \”Krille\” Andrén (vocals) and the band’s mastermind – Erik Ravn (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals).

TO TRAVEL FOR EVERMORE opens with a 2:15 intro entitled “Behind Tearstained Ice.” This is followed by the track “The Nevershining Stones.” Even on first listen I liked what I heard from this song as it had all the ingredients that I look for in a solid prog-power metal band – technical playing, great vocals, and no over indulgent playing that makes the song become boring. The next track, “Dancer In The Light”, comes close to Kamelot in terms of style. There are slight orchestration sections, and the vocals are not too high, nor are they low. Kristen Andren (ex-Tad Morose) provides vocals that are rich and emotional, coming off sounding a little like Roy Kahn from Kamelot. “Battle of the Seasons” is one of my favorite tracks on the CD, and it’s an 8+ min instrumental! It begins with some awesome ripping neo-classical shred followed by some trade off leads between guitar and the keyboards. The soloing doesn’t let up until the 1:50 mark when a riff comes in that sounds like some sort of odd progressive thrash concoction. By 2:50 the song moves into it’s next section with more of the soloing. At 3:50 comes in a very cool Yngwie-ish melody line backed by thundering drums. This song is jam-packed with goodies from slow melodic parts to neo-classical shredding that held my attention from beginning to end. If you like Kamelot, progressive metal and Yngwie then this track is for you. I really liked the vocals melodies on “See Tomorrow Shine.” Not that it’s the greatest song on the CD, but something about the way the vocals and melody lines weave their way amongst the riffs makes it sound phrased just perfectly. There is a reference to Lord Of The Rings in the lyrics with the line “Gwaihir! Hear me calling. Lord of the sky, take me high.” I knew the name rang some bell in the back of my mind. After quickly looking it up I found that Gwaihir is the lord of the Eagles. Hr rescued Gandalf from the pinnacle of Orthanc and from the peak of Zirakzigil. He and he and his kind brought Frodo and Sam out of Mordor after the destruction of the One Ring.

The strong guitar melodies, solid vocals, great drumming and excellent sounding production (produced by Tommy Hansen who needs NO introduction for any of us into this type of metal) stand out for this band. Progressive touches add a nice edge to the power metal mix of Kamelot, Dark Moor and Rhapsody. If you like those bands and you like progressive metal, then this will be very easy to get into. The nice thing is it doesn’t sound exactly like any of these bands. I definitely now have to go back and check out the band’s 1999 album WITHIN while I eagerly await their future albums!


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