Karmakanic – Entering the Spectra

Reviewed: October 2002
Released: 2002, Regain Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Jonas Reingold from The Flower Kings, Midnight Sun, and Reptilion has a new project called Karmakanic. Along with Jonas are a bunch of guests including Zoltan Czörs (The flower kings), Jamie Salazar (Midnight Sun, Last Tribe etc) on drums, Tomas Bodin (The Flower Kings), and Robert Engstrand on keyboard. There is also Roine Stolt (guitar, lead vocals) form The Flower Kings and Johan Glössner also on guitar and last but not least there are Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, Glory etc) on lead vocals. Jonas himself has produced ENTERING THE SPECTRA and it was recorded at his studio Reingold Recording studio in 2001 and released in 2002. Jonas is a very good producer and this sounds really good. The cover is also very good-looking.

Symphonic / progressive rock had a rebirth during the 90s with some well-known bands like Yes , King Crimson , Spock’s Beard and The Flower Kings. Karmakanic is following the footsteps of those groups. Music wise there are big similarities with these groups. The album ENTERING THE SPECTRA contains 10 tracks and it’s a theme album. It’s a story that takes place 3000 years in the future. The album tells a story of a man and his ordinary life and of his visions on life. It’s up to the listener to make their own reflection about this man and his life…and about their own life.

ENTERING THE SPECTRA demands several listens, but when you’re into it the album is really good. As expected, there are a lot of tempo-changes in the tracks and a lot of solos here and there. Even though this should be referred to as symphonic / progressive rock, I sense some 70s heavy metal influences too. The album kicks off with the track “The Little Man”. It has an intro where a woman tells the story about the man and his visions of life. “The Little Man” and the title track, “Entering the Spectra”, drift together and divide into several parts. First there is “Yellow-(Instrumental)”, and then comes “Black-(The innocent)” with some vocals. “Red” is also pure instrumental just like the next episodes “Purple” and “Indigo” are. On “Green” there are some vocals again and it’s also more melodic than the rest of the colors. It ends with “White”, it’s very beautiful and melodic. “The Spirit Remains the Same” is more melodic rock, it’s incredibly beautiful. In “Cyberdust from Mars” there are some melodic rock music with a lot of tempo. There are a lot of guitars in “Space Race No. 3″. In “The Man in the Moon Cries” there’s some nice choirs involved and they backs up Göran very nicely. “One whole half” is an instrumental track and Jonas takes the lead in this track. He impresses a lot!!!! “Is this the end” is a 3 part track. “Part One (The End)” is beautiful with only piano and Görans voice, “Part One…” drifts over to “Part Two (The Light)”. It’s instrumental and very short. Then there’s “Part Three (The Question)”. Now it’s more rock and there are some choirs involved again. Another instrumental track is “Cello suite No.1 in G major”. Here Jonas shows another time that he is a real demon on bass. Needless to say is that he impresses big time again. “Welcome to Paradise” is almost 10 minutes long. It’s more of heavy rock with choirs – and there’s a nice keyboard solo.

If you’re a fan of symphonic / progressive rock you should look this up. Jonas has built a beatiful, magical music landscape that really warms your ear. Jonas is not only a world class bass-player; he’s also a music/lyric writer of high standard. Even though this demands several listens it’s very impressive and I really enjoy listening to this.


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Track Listing:
The Little Man
Entering The Spectra
2.Blue (The Innocent)
The Spirit Remains The Same
Cyberdust From Mars
Space Race NO:3
The Man In The Moon Cries
One Whole Half
Is This The End
1.(The End)
2.(The Light)
3.(The Question)
Cello Suite NO: 1 In G Major
Welcome To Paradise

Jonas Reingold – bass
Robert Engstrand – keybords
Jamie Salazar – drums
Göran Edman – lead vocals
Johan Glössner – guitar
Roine Stolt – lead vocals, guitar
Thomas Bodin – keybords
Zoltan Csörsz – drums


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