Edera – Apart

Reviewed: October 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Back with their second release, Edera have crafted a 7-song disc that contains more of their musings about the deep dark inside that is the human emotional landscape. In my first go round with Edera I learned to listen with an open mind and hear the music that uses more than metallic elements to portray its dark message. In 2001, the band released their self-titled debut and now a scant year later they are back with another 7 songs that follow the same path of doom and gloom.

“Roses Nails” opens the disc with one of the more uptempo (if you can call it) songs off the disc. Edera have remained true to their sound with this song being full of piano interludes mixed with guitar leads mixed way back to create an interesting atmosphere that is heavy on percussion and atmosphere. “Trembling Apart” is very sparse with much of the song being piano and vocals. “Sweat” is a favourite of mine as it seems like the band is really going to break out into a real fast paced tune but the under bubbling depression remains and the song is just a heart wrenching look into the human psyche.

For those who are already into Edera, this CD will contain no surprises. The band is continuing down the path that the cut on the self titled debut. If anything they have become even more mellow. Their blend of gothic prog (which they call art rock) is much different than most bands coming out of the Italian scene today. Edera are blazing a new path that leads them in to territory that is little known but soon to be much followed.


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