2 Ton Predator – Boogie

Reviewed: October 2002
Released: 2001, Diehard Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

If there ever was a heavy name its 2 Ton Predator. The band started their career under the name Wedge in 1993. The sound was markedly different than the pummeling attack of today as the band likened themselves at the time to Alice in Chains. They recorded their first demo that same year with the help of Dan Swano but they were unsuccessful in securing a record deal. After many attempts at gaining label support they changed their name to 2 Ton Predator and released the BURNED 98 demo, which caught the ear of Diehard Music. They then produced their debut full length called IN THE SHALLOW WATERS. Late last year 2 Ton Predator came back with their sophomore release called Boogie.

It is pretty safe to say where these guys fall in the musical spectrum. They fit right into the area shared by Crowbar, Pantera, Down and older C.O.C. There is lots of furious metal but it is mixed with a sludgy southern US sound that belies the Swedish ancestry of these guys. The band fires all guns on tracks like “September Flu”, “Pumpjack Pleasure” and the title track. They brim with ferocity as vocalist Mooge Lundin screams to his breaking point. 2 Ton Predator show their groovier side as they slip from all out thrashing to a controlled assault. “Broken Bond” and “Empty Chambers” being the prefect examples of this sludged out side of the Predator.

I have had this CD for a few months but kept putting off the review. There was nothing about the CD that struck me after the first couple of listens but after putting it away and coming back to it, my view has changed. This is a very solid disc. It’s a great fusion of Pantera, Crowbar and Down. Its nothing new but there are few bands that can do it this well.


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