Absolute Steel – The Fair Bitch Project

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Reviewed: July 2002
Released: 2002, Edgerunner Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Perfect Party Metal! The rallying cry of Absolute Steel. The band’s goal is to bring party metal back to the masses. Tired of searching for and not finding the kind of music they loved, K2: vocals, Andy Boss: guitar and Dave Bomb: guitar decided to put together their own unit. They wanted to make the kind of music that they had always been searching for: Perfect Party Metal!!!!! I happened across these guys last year when the sent me their independent single for “We Sentence You to Death”. It instantly became a staple of my CD player. It was an excellent tune with a real crunchy 80s Dokken meets Judas Priest sound that just grabbed me. The single was successful enough for Absolute Steel to snag a contract with Edgerunner Records to release a full length CD. Along with this disc I received some live pictures that show the guys going absolutely crazy on stage. Their live show is billed as including: the Helmets of Steel, Guitar-duels, flashing pyros, Harley Davidsons, Chicks, Whips and fast, loud playing. If that doesn’t sound like party metal, I don’t know what does.

Before I even get to the songs I have to point out that the main theme running throughout this release is sex. Couple that with even larger doses of sex and add a liberal sprinkling of sex and you see where this CD is headed. The CD opens with “Intro: in the beginning”. This is a spoken word intro telling of the rise of “glitter, glam and nails of steel” in the 80s and how the “cruel monster of grunge and the evil witch of techno” struck them down. But one spark remained and it rose up to “kill the evil ways of pop music”. This is hilarious and shows that these guys are definitely creating their music with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The story from the intro is continued on the track “We Sentence You to Death (even if your innocent)”. I reviewed this song about a year ago and it has stood the test of time. Along with the sexually charged “Leather Bride”, “Spread Your Legs”, “Naughty Nanny” and “Smooth and Shaved”, Absolute Steel also have a couple of songs that deal with, surprise surprise, STEEL. They are “Love For Steel” and “Steel Front”. They close out the disc with an ode to themselves in the guise of “Time To Be Heard”. Manowar would be proud of this track!

Another surprise that came with this CD is THE ABSLOUTE STEEL ROLE PLAYING GAME. The player gets to live the life of a Heavy Metal Star. The objective of the game is to have as much sex as possible on your world tour. The first band member to get into the panties of 80s groupies wins. If that isn\’t a metal role playing game I don’t know what is. These guys must eat, sleep and dream about sex. It got a bit tedious at times on the CD because almost every song was a blatant track about sex. But I could deal with that as the music was excellent. A great amalgam of 80s Manowar, Priest, TT Quick, Dokken and a myriad of other great bands, Absolute Steel have come through with a strong disc that proves that the 80s might be gone but its spirit lives on. www.absolutesteel.com


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