Tenebre – XIII, Grim Ride, Mark of the Beast

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Reviewed: June 2002
Released: 1998, Various
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Tenebre – XIII
Released: 1996, Record Heaven
Rating: 2.5/5

The debut of Tenebre isn’t very potent. The production is very bad (recorded in Thunder Studio in Malmö, Sweden). The guitars sound thin and the result is awful!

Richard, Fredrik, Joel, Kalle and Lucas don’t seem to understand how the sound ought to be. The album sounds like metal/hardrock/goth/ doom””like no planning went into it.

Mr. Lion’s lyrics already started showing strength on this album. Mr. Metz’s lyrics are really woman-degrading, which I don’t like at all. The singer Kalle Metz has a strong voice already. Some of the songs are instrumental on the record, like \”Thunrida.\” This song is recordes in the Cathedral of Lund under a full moon. The song sounds like it was taken from a horror movie.

Favorites on the album are the title track,”Mouth to the Flame,” and the cover \”No Wrong\” (Mr C. Manson written).

I have a split opinion about this debut album, but the cover is really good and Mr. Lion’s lyrics/music are great (especially as compared with the other guys’ lyric/music in the band).

Tenebre – Grim Ride
Released 1998, Record Heaven
Rating: 4/5

Kalle, Lukas, Fredrik, Richard and Joel turn around 180 degrees and this time it is dark heavy metal almost as Entombed sounds today. This time they recorded the record in the famous Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden. The album is produced by Henke/Cliff, and the production is very strong and much better than Tenebre\’s first record , \”XIII\”.

This is really heavy. Kalle sounds almost (almost) as angry as L.G in Entombed. There are influences from Paradise Lost, though the sound is more evil, dark and grim than Paradise Lost.

My favorite tracks are \”Demon;\” \”The Call\” (shows a lot of influences from Paradise Lost); \”Soulbleed;\” \”When razors cry;\”and \”Without\” ( a nice little ballad).

It is a good record and the producer and the band seem to have worked more with the production this time around. Impressive. (Though the cover to this record is very ugly!)

Tenebre – Mark of the Beast
Released: 2000, Regain Records
Rating: 5/5

Kalle, Fredrik, Richard and, this time, two new members: Andreas on drums and Franco Bollo on guitar. Tenebre chose to re-enter the Berno Studio once again, to record \”Mark of the Beast,\” their third record.

The music has changed again. They are back to the style in their debut-album (XIII). The music is more dark, evil gothic/metal. The production is very strong and much better than the first record (just as good as on “Grim Ride”). The Paradise Lost influences are shining through more and more.

Mr. Lion wrote all the lyrics. The lyrics are extremly melancholy. Mr Lion was not feeling well at all when he wrote them because his son was very ill, almost dead.

The impression of this record is that the record is that the band was more careful with it than the two previous ones. All the songs are strong and the record keeps its quality all the way through. Favorites are \”Harvester of souls,\” \”Tombola voodoo master\”(Kalle impresses a lot here), \”I am your ritual,\” \”Putana satana\” and \”The Undertaker.\”

The cover is good, full of style and \”clean.\”

There were more changes to this band after \”Mark\” was recorded. Kalle the singer is out and replaced by Victor Fradera (who has a greater voice-register and works better with the band). Also, they added a new guitarist, Peter Mårdklint. They have recorded their fourth album, \”Electric Hellfire Kiss,\” which will be released after the summer. In my opinion, the band can achieve great things with this fourth album. I have seen the new Tenebre live and heard the new songs, and I find them totally brilliant. So watch out, Europe, after the summer! Tenebre will conquer Europe and gain more ground.

For more info about the band: www.tenebre.com


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