Dark Tranquillity – The Gallery

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Reviewed: March 2002
Released: 1995, Osmose Productions
Rating: 4.9/5
Reviewer: Cid

Hidden Gem Review

After SKYDANCER, I must say I had some enormous expectations about this album. It had to be perfect to really fulfill my wishes. The great thing about THE GALLERY is that it simply did. Here is another masterpiece from Dark Tranquillity.

THE GALLERY is a worthy successor for SKYDANCER since the debut for this band was filled with emotion, feeling and poetry; THE GALLERY portrays the band’s evolution both musically and personally. The album showcases a storm of pure rage concentrated into a metal album that just like its predecessor, will leave its mark on you. Just by listening to the opener, “Punish my Heaven” you can tell that this album will be absolutely brilliant. Coming at you in full force, “Punish my Heaven” showcases high speed, harsh vocals, insane power and those magnificent super technical leads that hold the songs together and are trademark of Dark Tranquillity.

Again, this album stands high on the Gothenburg scene scale and even though I must recognize the brilliance of offerings like In Flame’s THE JESTER RACE and At the Gates’ SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL, I think THE GALLERY still comes out on top without much difficulty. A must for any Gothenburg sound fan.


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