Lucubro – S/T

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Reviewed: January 2002
Released: n/a, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Lucubro, Latin for “I work at night”. Hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts these 3 guys and one girl who had been out of the music scene for awhile, decided that they still wanted to make some heavy music. They formed Lucubro in January 2001 and set about recording this debut 4 song e.p. The band is Heath Thayer: bass, Jeff Provost: guitar, Steve Provost: drums and Krista Van Guilder: vocals and guitar. The music they play can most easily be called doomy heavy rock. Sounding at times like Black Sabbath , especially on the track “Another World” which is very dark and dreary. “Afraid to Be Alone” is about the fastest that the band gets with a mid tempo dirty sounding track.

It was with great pleasure that I regarded this Cd when it was dropped in my hands. Very cool, stark and dark album cover. The music inside indeed fits the artwork. Lucubro play dark heavy rock that with a bit of refinement will gain them some fans from those who like to walk on the dark side.



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