Therion – Secrets of the Runes

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Therion - Secrets of the RunesReviewed: December 2001
Released: Oct. 2001, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

So, I’ve got the promo copy of Therion’s new album. “Great”, I says to myself, “this should be cool. I haven’t heard ‘em since THELI, and that was a masterpiece.” I look on the back of the slipcase, and what do I see? “Faded Versions”. “Oh shit,” I says to myself, “they wouldn’t chop the songs would they?” Yep, they would. So what I’ve got here is an 11-song album where only 2 of the songs are the full versions. How nice. Hypothetical question: How in the hell are reviewers supposed to give fully informed reviews of an album if we can’t hear the whole thing? Since when did record labels become so damn cheap-ass anal? I’ll tell you when. When “they” * cough*NuclearBlast*cough * started worrying more about their bottom lines than they did about their bands. Case in point, the pathetic BEAUTY IN DARKNESS Vol. 5 compilation that came out last month. 85% of it was commercial gothic pap. On frickin’ Nuclear Blast! Somebody over there has undergone a major change of priorities. Horseshit, utter horseshit.


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