Sinergy – Suicide By My Side

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Reviewed: December 2001
Released: 2002, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Sinergy are back with what is perhaps their best work to date. It usually takes me a few months to really decide something like that though so I’ll make my final call at a later date. However, based on my initial listenings I would say that my opinion would remain unchanged! As with all Sinergy releases, the two main ingredients that set this band apart is the guitar playing of BOTH Alexi Laiho (also a member of Children of Bodom) and Roope Latvala and of course the vocals of Kimberly Goss. It’s always refreshing when a female METAL vocalist sounds aggressive yet still melodic unlike many other female “metal” vocalists who sound so very un-metal and “pretty” – I won’t name names, because after all, this a Sinergy review! SUICIDE BY MY SIDE is the band’s third release and will hopefully put the band closer to the forefront of the metal genre…a most difficult task considering the amount of competition out there.

SUICIDE BY MY SIDE opens with the sound of someone hacking up and spitting. The track is called “Spit on your Grave.” As expected it’s full of awesome guitar playing. With these jaw dropping lead and melody lines, Alexi and Roope are definitely destined to be a household names amongst guitar freaks. Both are easily among the best new guitar players to come along in a while. It seems like Alexi is saving some of his best shredding for Sinergy these days, or maybe it’s that this style is a bit different and allows for more of the flashy playing? Either way, he and Roope are two amazing guitarists! The second track, “Sin Trade”, begins with more fluid guitar playing. If you like technical guitar playing you HAVE to check this out. The riffs on this one are not straightforward, there’s always something going on, lots of fills, lead breaks etc… Next up is “Violated” which is a bit heavier then the previous two with chunkier riffing. By this point in the album I really began to think how much Sinergy stands out from other power metal bands. Anyone who thinks they are a Helloween styled band needs to have their ears cleaned out! Kimberly’s vocals on this track are also different, gruffer in places. “Me, Myself, My Enemy” caught my ear on the intro as the tempo picks up during the riff…not something you hear a lot of. “Written In Stone” is a semi-ballad. Again Kimberly’s voice is excellent both in a ballad and in an aggressive song. Even though this is a ballad, it stands out from the preceding tracks because it’s different and not a double kick festival. “Nowhere For No One” cuts in and I’m thinking it sounds like a particular song by Rob Halford’s ex-band – Fight. After the opening riffs it sounds more like a traditional 80’s metal song. The track with the most variation on here is “Shadow Island.” It has some excellent “choir of the damned” sections at the intro…followed by Alexi doing his evil CoB styled vocals with the first, and only, time on the album we hear him! Kimberly is of course on this track as well. The mixed vocal parts make this one stand out. The album closes with “Remembrance” – a short piano instrumental. It is a very nice piano piece that is beautiful, moody, and dark sounding. Too bad it’s so short. Perhaps in the future they might include this in a full song, maybe a duet between the lead guitars and the piano would be interesting eh?

The “bitch” is indeed back…and with a vengeance. If you have yet to pick up a Sinergy album, I would recommend beginning with this one. If you have heard Sinergy\’s past albums but they didn\’t click with you, give this one a chance because it\’s excellent!!! If you want more information on the band, visit the official site at


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