Megadeth – VH1`s Behind The Music (DVD)

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Reviewed: December 2001
Released: 2001, Sanctuary Records Group
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG


Megadeth is in the spotlight of this popular TV series

Journey with Dave Ellefson as he takes you to past recording and rehearsal locations for the RUST IN PEACE and SO FAR…SO GOOD…SO WHAT album’s. Listen to Dave Mustaine as he recounts his drunken journey across the country with his band Metallica only to arrive in NYC to have James basically say “you’re fired.” Learn how the first notes that Mustaine heard Ellefson play on bass was “Running With The Devil” by Van Halen. Hear the stories of Dave’s excesses with hard drugs, how he was in rehab SIXTEEN times and how Alice Cooper was one of the key people on his road to recovery. The band that has been through ups and downs and through five line-ups…yet they are still here today and are back with their best album in years. This is the extended version of VH’s Behind The Music on one of heavy metal’s greatest bands….MEGADETH!!!!

Even though we get to see former members such as Jeff Young, Chris Poland, and Marty Friedman, this is by in large the Dave Mustaine show. Yes he is an enigmatic character with a complex personality, and his story is the most “sensational” but still, it would have been nice to see more about Dave Ellefson and other members. Recently departed drummer Nick Menza is hardly on the DVD and previous drummer Chuck Behler is still no where to be found….weird. VH1’s Behind The Music series is guilty of focusing on the sex and drugs a bit too much. Unfortunately, the music is the backdrop. I would of loved to of seen rehearsal and recording sessions for RUST IN PEACE, the first jam the band ever had in 1983, etc…I know perhaps not all that is captured on video but as a fan that interests me much more then the tales of heroin and rehab. Sure, it was interesting to know just how low Mustaine’s life was at some points, but throughout it all the music itself was the most important element to me as a fan.

I’ve seen a few of the other Behind The Music specials and I can honestly say, this one is the best they’ve done so far. If you are a fan of Megadeth, this is something you have to own!!!


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