Carnal Forge – Please…die!

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Reviewed: December 2001
Released: 2002, Century Media
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Sweden’s Carnal Forge is back with a new and improved album entitled PLEASE…DIE! As on their last album, FIREDEMON (2000), the band was all about brutally intense death-thrash. Not a whole lot has changed but the difference this time is better songs and the infusion of the tiniest bit of melody…mainly in the lead guitar department. For that reason this is a better album.

The band’s bio from the record company says that Carnal Forge is for fans of Slayer, At The Gates, The Haunted, etc. It also says if you want to hear what a heavier version of The Haunted sounds like, then here you have it. In some ways that is true. Carnal Forge is an extreme metal band with lots of thrash influences. They never let up from the pedal. This is speed and aggression all the way though. As a result, this has to be taken in small doses, that is why each song is short and to the point (most are around the 3min mark and under). No keyboards, no epic qualities – just brute force! The album begins with a song whose title has a Cannibal Corpse ring to it…and that is “Butchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged.” It’s followed up with the song “Hand Of Doom” (no, not a Black Sabbath cover) which contains some very nice lead guitar playing. Some other highlights on the album include the title track, and “Becoming Dust.” Even though this album is stronger than the previous, I still think they could do with diversifying their sound a little more. All songs don’t need to be a million miles and hour and some more melody wouldn’t kill them would it? I know I like a broad range of metal from the extreme to more melodic orientated metal but I’m not suggesting that Carnal Forge needs to wimp out. I think that with varying tempos, vocals, solos, etc…they could be even better with more stand out tracks and still be an extreme metal band!

Carnal Forge are highly recommended for fans of extreme thrash metal or for people who like the intensity to never let up. This is great stuff to throw on when you are in the mood for something violent. One interesting tidbit about the band is that drummer Stefan (aka Steve) Westerberg was the singer on Steel Attack’s awesome album FALL INTO MADNESS! He has since quit singing in Steel Attack to concentrate on drumming in Carnal Forge. To bad he couldn’t do both because the guy has an awesome voice! For more information on Carnal Forge drop by www.carnal


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