Armageddon – Embrace the Mystery

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Reviewed: December 2001
Released: 2000, Toy`s Factory
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: El Cid

I figured it was due time I reviewed this since most people interested in it should already have gotten their hands on this extra hard to get album.

For those of you unfamiliar with Armageddon, this is Chris Amott’s (of Arch Enemy fame) side project. Armageddon’s debut, CROSSING THE RUBICON was without a doubt one of the best ever Gothenburg style albums, featuring some incredible guitar work, drumming, voice and concept, so EMBRACE THE MYSTERY had to meet some very high expectations when it came out. The change of direction between both albums is nothing short of dramatic! First of all, Rickard Bengtsson has replaced Jonas Nyrën in the vocals department, thus leaving the Death-ish growls behind and replacing them with a clean vox (at times even comparable with Bruce Dickinson style vox). The other big change in Armageddon’s sound would have to be the use of keyboards and even some almost electronic rhythms that tend to send this new offering by Amott’s band into Progressive Metal territory not unlike Dream Theatre!

If you’re thinking that the music is in any way softer or more mellow than before though, you have another thing coming, after all this is Chris Amott’s band, his axework is still present and imposing, every song is accompanied and led by a barrage of furious riffing and melodic passages that remind you of Carcass and Arch Enemy all the way!

In all, this is an excellent album that belongs into any fan of the Swedish brand of Death Metal’s collection. I do urge you to buy this if you can find it at an accessible price (like WAGES OF SIN it is still only a Japanese import so far), you won’t regret forking out the money for such a memorable album.


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