Tattoo The Planet – Slayer / Cradle Of Filth / Amorphis / In Flames – Ice Hall, Helsinki 4th Of October 2001

Tattoo The Planet

Slayer / Cradle Of Filth / Amorphis / In Flames
Ice Hall, Helsinki 4th Of October 2001

By The Finnish Metal-Rules Team

The whole Tattoo The Planet event was at stake because of insane inhuman terrorism strikes to the WTC and in general against the whole of mankind. Due to those tragic events the tour was delayed as every airport and the whole air traffic system was closed in The States, which naturally caused massive logistic and schedule problems resulting in dates in The UK, Benelux countries and Italy were postponed to the last moment. If that wasn’t already enough, Pantera announced about pulling out of the tour and so did Static-X. All the rumors floating around kept feeding the flame about the entire cancellation of the tour ‘what a mess indeed! But despite how “God Hates Us All,” Slayer didn’t let the European fans down and announced they would carry out the tour along with Cradle Of Filth and various support acts across Europe. The Central European bill featured entirely different names compared to the Scandinavian one having In Flames and Amorphis opening for Slayer and CoF. Pantera’s cancellation resulted in app. 1000 tickets returned here in Finland. But those losers didn’t know what they lost!!!

The Swedish band In Flames hit the stage first, playing a 30 minute set to only a small audience in the ice hall, which definitely must have bugged the Swedes more or less as most of the people were still outside the hall enjoying more of these liquid stimulants. Nevertheless, the In Flames guys were received well. They once again had an amazing energetic drive throughout the whole short set, jumping and showing no evidence of slowing down!!! Tracks from CLAYMAN and COLONY got the main handling – which isn’t that big surprise after all ‘ Last summer’s two gigs at festivals in Finland have definitely increased the success of In Flames here in Finland judging by the amount of fans in the front of the stage singing the tracks by heart. But unfortunately, In Flames suffered from lousy light capacity and of course unpolished sound qualities. But it was great to see them once again. Come back soon ‘

The domestic Amorphis hit the stage next also doing app 30 minute set with a great range of their well-known classic tunes from their career. Even though their performance has always been criticized kind of lame in several reviews, but let the music domain, rule and speak now. Obviously being an opening act for Slayer forced the Amorphis guys to play the set with a more tighter grip as sounding surprising heavy and more aggressive than on a normal traditional Amorphis gig. The set list consisted of “Alone,” “Cast Away” and concluded by the Finnish national metal battle hymn “Black Winter Day.”

Before the British gothic – well whatever romantic horror vampire occultism black metal combo – got onstage, several under aged little chicks dressed up to all kinds of black stuff and of course had the mandatory tight grim masks had packed to the front of the stage and screamed their lungs out like on some Backstreet Boys gig “Daaaaniiiii ‘iirgghh ‘Daaaniiii” ‘ And when Dani appeared and the same kids kept the same insane screaming.

Unfortunately but CoF wasn’t in the finest strike at all as the whole band appeared to be quite tired and looked quite absent. Well at least the keyboard player, the former Anathema dude by the way, looked he would rather have liked to be elsewhere than standing behind the keyboard. The band’s mastermind Dani was in a relatively okay condition, screaming, whining and growling as usual. During a 45 minute set the band went through the most known tunes, especially FROM THE CRADLE TO ENSLAVE got the best respond from the audience, being one of the greatest COF tunes as well as well known due to the video.

COF is known as a band for having always put a lot of effort to the visual side onstage, but when being an opening act for a bigger one there ain’t that big possibilities to set up any magnificent huge show things. COF’s show had been shrunk to one female performance doing all the needed performances. COF should be an opening act and above all be on their own tour in order to carry out all these visual things and have the needed space on the stage and above all the better sound quality. But it was obvious Cof divided the audience to the two different camps, hating or liking the British gothic dark blackish masters.

Well after a couple of suitable opening or should it be said warm up bands and another amusing and hopeless one. It was about time to get into the main issue in question SLAYER.. Despite technical problems in the beginning of the set apparently caused by wireless transmitters the thrash metal kings unleashed one hell of a metal inferno by kicking the whole gig off with the “Darkness Of Christ” intro followed by “Discipline”. Tom Aray’s hysterical god-hates-us-all screams definitely ripped ears, making them bleed and sent shivers down everyone’s spine ‘ The Slayer set was, as usual, a nihilistic outrageous mayhem consisting of several old classic tunes, obviously for a lack of rehearsal times of the new material because of all in all only three tracks were played from the newest GOD HATES US ALL album: “Discipline,” “God Send Death” and “Bloodline.” But several old Slayer fans got instead a damn good reason to have a large smile on their faces for getting “South Of Heaven,” “Mandatory Suicide,” “Captor Of Sin,” “Hell Awaits” and “Die By The Sword.” Those are all great songs but from a fan perspective it would be time for Slayer to start considering changing the set list a little bit. It would be great to hear some lately less played Slayer classics like “Ghosts Of War” or “Necrophiliac” at least once !

Araya’s warm approach toward the audience like communicating more than usually on gigs surprised several people because he has mainly said a few words when introducing a track or two, but now he thanked the audience for coming to the show and he said to be a happy man to do this ‘ergh.. Kind of humble person indeed. Of course tragic events reflected in the set when Araya introduced the legendary “War Ensemble” by saying “This one is dedicated to America ‘WWWAAAAARRR EEENNSEMBLE” or then when introducing “Mandatory Suicide” he stated “Take care of others that this won’t happen to you” ‘

The show only proved Slayer is the well oiled war machine having and showing no mercy at all. Slayer’s set was an excellent lesson of real aggressive thrash metal for all of us without depending on the age. But they were the masters of that night !!!

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