Finntroll – Jaktens Tid

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Reviewed: May 2001
Released: 2001, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Heard of Finntroll before? Does the hearing of the name send cold shivers down your spine already?! To enlighten Finland´s ancient history a little bit here, it DID all that for the poor Swedish Vikings(!) for centuries ago when they tried to conquer virginally untouched wild lands of the fierce-looking Finnish ancestors who were protected by a small, but strong army of giant yet brutal wood goblins; our western \”conquerors(!)\” called them as the name of \”Finntroll\” which caused a lot of fear and terror amongst them in the past. And that \”Finntroll\” is walking among us again… and what an impressive progression they have accomplished thru all these past obscure times of centuries.

JAKTENS TID is FINNTROLL´s 2nd full-lenght on their current label, Spikefarm Records and they have undoubtedly proved quite an amazing progression both in a concept – and music-wise as well. What I already loved much on their debut, MIDNATTENS WIDUNDER, was their unmercifully funny yet spontaneous way to drag themes for trolls out into the daylight, particularly this troll known of as \”Rivfader\”. The whole album was done very much tongue-in-cheek vein (or so it appeared!) as far as the whole concept for it was concerned – but the music itself that was built around it, was created by a half dozen of extremely ambitious and talented musicians who were all possessed by the myths towards the mighty (Finn-)trolls.

As the whole idea kept on progressing into the next level, resulting in on JAKTENS TID, I have guts to talk about one of the most innovative and refreshing albums of the new millennium here. This IS an outstandingly bombastic album from its every possible angle; I truly am having hard times for recollecting my thoughts into one neat package really as Finntroll sounds on JAKTENS that´s unlikely you have heard something alike before, but then again there´s something very peculiar (and familiar?) in their music – and just when you´re about to catch it finally, it escapes from you somewhere out of your reach.

By sort of making it all in a nutshell to give you an instant idea about it, try to mix an epic side of Bathory with an anthemic, Folk-inspired Heavy Metal attack of Skyclad and give it a treatment at senior high school of Black Metal and I guess you´re pretty close to what I mean exactly. And those of you who have got a tiny idea about a monotone chanting (=´joik -singing´) sung by the Lapps accompanied at the accordion, probably can figure out in your suspicious minds even better way how these talented troll-virtuosos may sound like.
Their song titles have been written and performed in Swedish (\”Födosagan\”, \”Slaget vid Blodsälv\”, \”Skogens Hämnd\”, \”Den Hornkrönte Konungen\”, etc.), but that´s only because Finland is a bilingual country and a minor part of our people are indeed able to spit out some incomprehensible gibberish – also known as a Swedish language, too (-eh?).

Absolutely THE BEST metal from Finland since Nightwish´s WISHMASTER – and Children of Bodom´s FOLLOW THE REAPER albums!! If Martin Walkyrie from Skyclad got thrilled by them, I bet you have a fairly good chance to get excited over this awesome Finnish metal act as well. Besides, you´d better to check them out as these trolls´ hunting time is near… and they will surely be after you, my dear…


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Track Listing:
01. Krig
02. Födosagan
03. Slaget Vid Blodsälv
04. Skogens Hämnd
05. Jaktens Tid
06. Bakom Varje Fura
07. Kitteldags
08. Krigsmjöld
09. VargTimmen
10. Kyrkovisan
11. Den Hornkrönte Konungen
12. Aldhissla
13. Tomhet Och Tystnad Härska

Katla – Vocals
Skyrmer – Guitars
Somnium – Guitars
Tundra – Bass
Beast Dominator – Drums
Keyboards: Trollhorn