Susperia – Predominance

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Susperia – PredominanceReviewed: April 2001
Released: 2001, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: EvilG

A new blackened thrash metal band has reared its evil head from Norway. Although the band is new, it’s members will be known to many who are familiar with this scene. The two more known members of the band are perhaps Susperia’s drummer, Tjodalv, who was a co-founder of Old Man`s Child and Dimmu Borgir. On guitars is Cyrus who was the live guitarist for Satyricon on their last 3 world tours. He also was a session musician in Old Man`s Child on the ILL NATURED tour. Completing the line-up is Athera on vocals, Memnock (bass – session bassist on the Old Man`s Child album REVELATION 666 and session bassist in Borknagar partly in 2000), Elvorn (guitars – was also in a project called “Vidder” with Mustis of Dimmu Borgir many years ago). Now that the history lesson is over, the only thing to remember is that these guys are basically seasoned vets and PREDOMINANCE is no mere amateur effort.

The music on this CD displays similarities to Dimmu Borgir’s newest CD PURITANICAL EUPHORIC MISANTHROPIA, Borknagar’s QUINTESSENCE and to Arch Eneny (in terms of the technical guitar playing). Even though these bands seem to have been somewhat of an influence, Susperia do not take all the elements from these bands. You will not hear any keyboards twittering away creating “spooky” atmosphere, you will not hear the epic/atmospheric sounds from Borknagar nor will you be able to call this “Melodic Death Metal” like Arch Enemy. This band takes the brutality of these band and some of the melody and strips it down into an intense no-nonsense album that does not let up from beginning to end. One complaint I have with some of this album is that some of it tends to run together and I forget a new song has started. Some songs do stand out and for me those are “I Am Pain”, “Illusions Of Evil” and “Blood on My Hands.”

All in all, a great debut album from a band to watch. With even more dynamics and stronger song writing this band could go very far.


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