Halford – Live Insurrection

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Reviewed: April 2001
Released: 2001, Metal-Is
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Wisco

It is easy for me to review the weaker albums. For me, good music speaks volumes and If I’m not hearing anything creative or honest, I can pick the music apart and criticize it. Conversely, if the music seems as though it is intended for me, I almost get into a zen state of mind. I therefore cannot describe the music very well…it merely is. Well this album merely exists. It exists as a testament to the greatness of metal!!! Sorry to get all spiritual on you here, but we are talking about Rob Halford!!!

This album is great in the purest sense of the word. Halford has crafted an awesome live album in the spirit of the best live metal album ever made: UNLEASHED IN THE EAST (true, many hard rockin’ bands put out live albums before the Priest, but none had such power and godliness hidden within the album jacket!!!). Rob returns to the live album format armed w/ three decades of material and he delivers the goods (I couldn’t resist)!!!

Although I¹m tempted, I won’t run through all of the tracks on this two disc set. However, some of the finest moments lie in the live presentation of the newer material, which sound perfectly natural positioned right next to classic Priest. My fave song on the album has got to be “Silent Screams.” A great song on the studio album…a fucking masterpiece live!!! We’re also treated to three new studio tracks that burn as well (well, not exactly new: “Heart of a Lion” and “Prisoner of your Eyes” are Halford, Downing and Tipton compositions). This is the finest album I have reviewed thus far for Metal Rules. It will surprise the hell out of me if this isn’t number one or two on my top 10 for the year, but who knows (we got a big chunk o’ year left)!!!


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