Serberus – In Eternity

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Reviewed: March 2001
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

Have you heard this CD yet? If not, chances are you will soon. Serberus has an excellent strategy at gaining exposure for themselves: they simply give a free copy of In Eternity to anyone who wants one. Like Ultra Boris’s ubiquitous copies of Priest In The East, this CD is slowly making its way around the world one metalhead at a time, and at last count they’re making excellent progress. If you don’t have one, you’ll get one soon. Someone – maybe someone from Serberus, maybe not – will give you one. It’s worth checking out.

Serberus is not a great band, but I predict they will be quietly successful in metal, and will be around a long time. Their stuff is good and solid and catchy. What will make the difference for them, I suspect, is that these guys are sincere, and obviously passionate about the music. Serberus, which apparently hails from Boulder, Colorado, plays mostly death metal with some black metal overtones. Guitars tend to be fast, fairly choppy, and melodic at times. The vocals are black metal screeching straight off the shelf. There are some unique and memorable moments on this five-track CD. I liked the ending of “Ancient Throne,” the first track, and think it has a dark-but-melodic vibe that presents the band’s talents in very good stead. The riff that carries the majority of track two, “Dark Dream,” reminded me of Dismember at times (always a good comparison for me), as did the opening of the title track. The production is pretty thin here – not that I fault the band, after all, this is a self-produced CD from a brand-new band – and the truly original ideas are not as close together as they would be ideally. Still, there is enough good stuff here to warrant a serious metalhead’s time. We even have a bonus track, not listed on the jacket, a live performance. This one is more black metal than the others, and despite its even thinner and more tinny quality, may well be the best track on the disc.

What is most interesting about this disc is that somehow the sincerity of the band members is palpable. Exactly how I’m not sure, but it’s painfully evident these guys worked very hard on this album, and will continue to work hard in the future. I would give Serberus a chance. I have a hunch they deserve it.

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