Sepultura – Nation

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Reviewed: March 2001
Released: 2001, Roadrunner Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Face it, this band will never release ARISE part two. Despite that, not only has the music changed, so seemingly has the band’s musical talent! Where are the solos? Where is the thrash-like riffing? Man, has this band ever gone WAYYYYYY down the shitter! The CD starts out with the tolerable track “Sepulnation” then goes into the horrid “Border Wars.” Slow…boring…downtuned riffs that sound like MUD! What happened??? Their last CD AGAINST provided a small dim ray of hope. I thought after that they would improve, but no…they have decided to please the mallcore and hardcore fans. There is only one good thing I can say about this CD and that’s with regards to the drumming of Igor Cavelera. Despite the fact that the songs and riffs are droning, muddy, repetitive pieces of shit, the drumming is totally awesome. On “Revolt” the tempo picks up but it sounds weak and more like hardcore punk then the power of a REAL Sepultura song like “Arise.” The track “One Man Army” begins with actual singing, it’s not the vocals that have made this CD so bad. It’s the music, style and sound. What happened to the fine band that released monumental groundbreaking CD’s like ARISE and BENEATH THE REMAINS?? That’s the band I miss. That’s the band that is now DEAD to me!! This makes ROOTS seem like a good album. Hope again raises it’s head on the track “Who Must Die?” if this would have been the worst song on the CD we’d be ok, but if this is as good as it gets then forget it. “Tribe To A Nation” hmmm…too weird, sounds like “ReggaeCore” is there is such a thing…disgusting. A failed attempt to appease older fans is made on “Human Cause”, Derrick even sounds like Max on this a bit. However, it’s too short and VERY un-original. Album closer “Valtio” is a classical sounding piece with very little in the way of guitars and no vocals. Now this is very interesting and original. But alas, this album is something I can’t see myself ever having the desire to spin again. As angry as I am for how much this has band has turned to simple mediocre music, I am also sad, because at one time Sepultura were one of my favorite bands.


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