RiffMaster General – We Like That

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Reviewed: March 2001
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Interesting little single I’ve got here. RiffMaster General are a young metal band out of Northern Ireland that that claim to play “powerful, melodic, original Heavy Metal”. Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to call the band “original” but they damn sure are powerful and melodic heavy metal, and more importantly, they’re fun to listen to!

Obviously, the cornerstone of this CD is the title track; “We Like That”. This song basically sums up what the General is about – heavy guitars, melodic leads, catchy hooks and sing along choruses. Basically the song is about the band’s love of all things metal: beer, chicks, loud guitars, and just plain old rockin’ out. Andy Baxter has a sort of gravelly voice that sounds like it’s seen its share of beer & cigarettes in its time. No doubt, this band lives the lifestyle that they portray with no fakin’ here! This song is pure old-school 80’s beer metal. All that being said, I simply love this song!

The second song on the CD is “Bloody Vengeance (I Am Destroyer)” which is a slower, moodier fantasy song. The song picks up to a mid-pace crunch about 2 minutes in and gets pretty cool, with some sweet 1985-style soloing. It’s cool, but after the kick in the head of the title track, it just doesn’t affect like it should.

Basically what we’ve got here is a pure heavy metal single that picks up the best bits of the dirty side of metal and turns ‘em into a rocking machine. So, if you’re jonesin’ for some metal music to just throw on and just rock out to, RiffMaster General may just be your perfect fix. Like “We Like That” says: “You gotta have some fun, you friggin’ bozo!”

Web: www.riffmastergeneral.com / Email: drew@riffmastergeneral.com


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