Lesser Known – Higher Levels

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Reviewed: March 2001
Released: 2000, LKE Entertainment Group
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Lesser Known is an eager young band from my home and native Canada, playing a brand of metal/hard rock that treads dangerously close to mallcore. Well, their bio says that they are “new metal” but thankfully, the band only skirts that horrid route. I think that the mallcore influence comes mostly in the occasionally irritating vocals of Spaz. The music of Lesser Known is more of a straight-ahead hard rock band, but heavier than the Poisons and Warrants of the world.

This CD is a taster for the forthcoming full-length disc by the band and only contains four songs (“This New World” appears twice). Overall, the music that Lesser Known plays is a fairly energetic style, with the best song being “Hell Ya!”. The song is a driving “independent” anthem about being yourself that, while having cliché subject matter, is a cool stomper nonetheless. Cool. In fact, all of the songs on this disc are personal diatribes against society and conformity. Hey, I guess every band has to have a theme right?

“Underdog” is a faster song that is pretty weighty and shows off the guitar playing of bandleader Cory Chauvin. The lyrics take a bit of a nose-dive on this one though: “I’m up all night like a Jedi Knight”. Huh? Ah well, who said hard rock had to make sense?!? Finally, “This New World” is the song that the band is apparently to push, but I can’t really say that it’s any better than “Hell Ya!”. It’s merely another anthemic rocker that nicely compliments the other two songs on the disc.

The thing that really sets Lesser Known apart from their counterparts is their enthusiasm; you can really here it in the music. So, while Lesser Known is nothing really mind-blowing, they are a lively new rock band that will entertain you. Good enough for me!

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