Enslaved – Mardraum – Beyond the Within

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Reviewed: March 2001
Released: 2000, Osmose Productions / Necropolis Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: El Cid

First off, this CD came recommended to me by Mikhail Capone from the board. I had my doubts since the clerk at the store (not the regular guy who is sick) told me it was black metal, “great”, I thought, “Another Immortal clone, what a load…”. Wrong! I gave it a listen in the store out of respect for Capone and I was blown away. This CD is absolutely fantastic, it has elements of Death, Black and Gothenburg metal in it. The whole listening experience is a roller coaster, it goes from really clean, melodic parts to blast beat drumming with black vox, to Morbid Angel-ish guitars and drumming and death vox, it’s insane! The album’s flow is amazingly tight judging by the size of the tracks (I don’t have an average but they are LONG), you can really listen to the whole thing without a problem (this reminds me of Opeth).

The melodic parts in Mardraum are particularly well done and one of the strongest points of this CD in my opinion is the fact that all the lyrics are sung in Norsk (worry not my fellow non-Norwegians, the translation is right next to the lyrics in the booklet)

This CD is a must for anyone who likes new and original sounding stuff, the album is a masterpiece and deserves a mandatory place in any Metalhead’s collection. Why are you still reading? GO GET IT! Damn people…


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