Broderick Gray – Mythic Realms

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Reviewed: March 2001
Released: 2000, Mythic Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Well here I am with a totally instrumental Cd that I like. As if anyone hasn’t guessed by now, I am not a big fan of instrumental music. This Cd is different however. The man behind this CD is guitar player Broderick Gray. He plays all instruments on this CD including bass, keyboards and drums and does a damn good job. The only thing I miss on this disc is vocals. Guess I will have to leave with it. Gray describes the CD as Heavy/Neoclassical metal and I would have to agree whole heartedly. The influences that Gray lists include Yngwie Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, Fates Warning, Megadeath, Metallica, Annihilator, and Helloween. I can hear bits and pieces of all these bands but Gray has created a great blend of all his influences and with it one damn good CD.

The CD kicks off with the obligatory acoustic guitar intro which leads right into “Realms of Fire”. This song is a great opener with Gray shredding in his best Yngwie style. “Dawn of the Dragon” takes over where Realms leaves off. Gray slips in a thrash influence with his ode to Geoff Waters and Annihilator. He doesn’t mimic Geoff instead he plays a similar style as Waters but again throws in a wrench by adding keyboards and a European powermetal influence. Great song. The over 8 minute long “Horizons Of Glory” is definitely one of the best songs on the CD as it is choke full melodic leads and some very good riffing. Other standout tracks are the “Abode of the Dead” which is some great speed metal and “Eye of the Sphinx” which is just a flat out powermetal song.

I really liked this CD. The one thing that kept me from loving this CD was the lack of vocals. I know that its an instrumental CD but it could have been so much more with a great vocalist. As it is this is a great CD. Broderick Gray is definitely a very talented man. If you are into instrumental metal then by all means get this CD!!


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