Alien – Live In Stockholm

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Reviewed: February 2001
Released: Febr, Avalon Marquee
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

One of the biggest Swedish melodic hardrock acts from 1985-1995 were Alien.The group was based in Gothenburg and the band leader was Tony Borg (lead guitarist, songwriter).The first singer was Hans Gislasson then was replaced by Jim Jidhed. The band had a big hit in 1988 with the Bee-Gees cover “Only One Woman” with Jim Jidhed on vocals.When he left Alien, Tony recruited Pete Sandberg from the band Madison as the new singer.Pete was a member of Alien for 2 years before he left.Pete did a record with Alien as a duo with Tony “Shiftin Gear” in 1990.After Alien Pete work with bands like The Midnight Sun,Snake Charmer,Pete Sandbergs JADE,Sand & Gold,Silver Seraph and his new band that Pete has Opus Atlantica. Pete has also a lot of solo records that he has been doing over the years.The band did two more pretty low-key records with Daniel Zangger-Borch by the mike stand ALIEN 1993 and the last one CRASH in 1995.This live record is recorded with all of the original members of Alien, except for Pete that was really new in the band. Alien had exceptionally good musicians, all with the ability to write strong songs, they also had an amazing singer and front man in Mr Sandberg.

Tony Borg-guitar
Toby Tarrach-drums
Ken Sandin-bass
Jimmy Wandroph-keyboard
Pete Sandberg-lead vocals

This live record was put together by Pete Sandberg. It is Pete that has written the words in the booklet as well on the record. It was recorded some where in Stockholm Sweden in 1990. It doesn’t say exactly where it’s from. This is an live album with nothing left out, nothing has been added or taken away.It’s all pure live as it was on at show. It’s 50 minutes of melodic hardrock history captured on the record. It’s pure magic with intro, drum, bass, guitar and keyboard solos, songs for all the melodic hardrockers out there.

It starts with an intro that slides directly into “Easy Livin” with Mr Sandberg on vocals and Mr Wandroph on keyboard high up in the mix. Then it goes into “Brave New Love”. That’s a track that sounds a little bit more of melodic hard rock. Here Mr Borg shows off that he’s a great guitarist. Then it’s Mr Sandbergs turn to do some talking. And since the show is in Sweden Pete talks in Swedish on the record. He tells the crowd that the next song is the new release one video and as a single in Japan and USA, then “Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire” starts. It’s very melodic with a lot of keyboards. Then Pete talks some more and asks for some drums. Then it’s drums and bass and guitars and then comes “New Love”. That one has also a lot of keyboards in it. Then comes a keyboard solo/intro followed by “Jamie Remember”, a heavier melodic hardrock track. Here, Pete has a lot of help in the chorus.At the end Mr Borg introduces the new singer Pete and the last song, it’s the song that everyone has been waiting for “Only One Woman”. Mr Sandberg does it much better than Jim did.In here Mr Sandberg shows what an incredible voice he has. He has an amazing vocal capacity. The audience helps out with the lyrics. After that it sound like they’ve did a cut in the recording cause it’s a guitar solo and keyboard straight away. Then “Dying By The Golden Rule” begins. That track is a bit harder and again, Mr. Borg shows that he is extremely competent at what he does.“Touch My Fire” is the last track. Once again it’s melodic hardrock at it’s best, there’s a lot of keyboard and that closes the album.

It’s a really strong live album and Mr Sandberg sings like a god. Mr Borg also impresses a lot. If you’re a fan of melodic hardrock,you must buy this album. It can’t GET BETTER THEN THIS!


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Track Listing:
Easy livin
Brave new love
Tears don’t put out the fire
Drams/Bass solo
New love
Keybord solo
Jaime Remenber
Only one women
Guitar solo
Dying by the golden rule
Touch my fire

Tony Borg – Guitar
Toby Tarrach – Drums
Ken Sandin – Bass
Jimmy Wandroph – Keyboard
Pete Sandberg – Lead Vocals