S.O.D. – Kill Yourself – The Movie (DVD)

Reviewed: December 2000
Released: 2001, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Tim Stradling


Philadelphia Screening, The Trocadero
November 13, 2000

Puked upon the planet on the year of our lord 1985, The Stormtroopers Of Death arose. The bastard spawn of Anthrax and Nuclear Assault, they defined \’politically incorrect\’ before the term ever existed. Recording and mixing their debut album \’Speak English Or Die\’ in just 3 days, Scott Ian (Guitar), Billy Milano (Vocals), Danny Lilker (Bass) and Charlie Benante (Drums) created a instant thrash masterpiece. Ungodly heavy and hilarious at the same time, tracks like \”Pre-menstrual Princess Blues\’, \’Fuck the Middle East\’, and contender for the heaviest riff of all time; \’March Of the S.O.D.\’ superceded the boundaries of space and matter to become timeless classics. The world couldn\’t handle the truth, and after 7 live shows they left us bruised, but all the better for wear.

Reuniting once in 88 for the Megaforce Anniversary party, four more years would pass before they returned to drop the cinder blocks over ourcollective heads once again with 1992\’s \’Live At The Budokan\’. A fantastic show with the thickest single guitar sound ever recorded, the world one again was reminded how much ass could be kicked old school thrash style. A handful of live dates followed in 97 & 98, and 14 years after their debut, their second studio offering \’Bigger Than The Devil\’ was released. Less fun than it\’s predecessor, the vocals were harsher, and the riffs more frantic than thrash. Heavier? Of sorts. Different? Yes. Better? Hardly. I can\’t say it\’s a classic album, nor does it compare with Speak English Or Die, but it was nice to hear some new material.

Recorded on the 1999-2000 Bigger Than the Devil tour, \’Kill Yourself – the Movie\” chronicles life as the purveyors of fine ass kicking. Enjoy Billy\’s copious ass! See Kirk Hammett be unintentionally chimplike! Count Danny\’s dollars as they go up in smoke! Laugh at Paul Baloff\’s graceless aging! Do the Milano Mosh! It\’s everything you\’d expect it to be. A bit of history, some interviews, and lots and lots of S.O.D. live mayhem. In attendance and casually chatting with fans were Scott Ian and Danny Lilker. Both friendly and cool, it was nice to see them come out and check out fan reaction to the screening. It was surreal walking into the Troc bathroom to take a piss and seeing Scott in there on the phone. Even more surreal was watching a *movie* of a live show at a venue where I usually *see* live shows. A big screen on the stage showing band carnage while people sat around and drank or chatted over the sludging riffs. Hardly what I\’m accustomed to! Seeing moshing bodies and a pit onscreen, and a quiet real life floor below (most of the audience was in the balcony) was hard to get into for some reason. Due to the venue\’s poor sound system it was difficult to make out much of what was being said during the offstage shenanigans, making a more accurate review difficult. I do however feel that it accurately captures the vibe of S.O.D. 2000. S.O.D. fans will love it, and if their first 2 albums didn\’t make you laugh, then fuck you, you wouldn\’t understand it anyway.

In closing, it was cool to see S.O.D. make the graceful splash on the silver screen, successfully joining such company of such musical to film luminaries as \’Cats\’ and \’The Sound Of Music\’.

Kind of.
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