The Fallen – The Tones In Which We Speak

Reviewed: September 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Damn this is a good CD. When EvilG gave me this one I wasn’t expecting to like it a whole lot. But it was metal so I took it like a grateful little metalhead and went on home to pop it in my trusty old CD player. What I heard surprised me!! This is one damn good CD. Where the hell did these guys come from? I don’t even know exactly what to describe them as. Death metal would probably be the closest, or is it thrash with death vocals? I am never good at putting labels on a band. With me its either I like the music or I don’t like it. Doesn’t matter if its hard rock, classic, power, death, black or whatever else is out there. If I like it I like it. Well I like The Fallen!! The band is Bryan Klinger: bass and backing vocals, Mike Granat: lead and backing vocals, Henry Higgs: drums and vulgarities and Mark Venier: guitar and backing vocals. The Tones in Which We Speak is their first full length CD but their 4th overall and contains rerecorded versions of some of the songs found on their other releases: Bloodletting: Victims of the Order (1996), Bloodwash (1997) and Sector-7G (1998).

As I said earlier I didn’t know what to expect when I hit play on the CD player. What I got was “Suffer With It”. This song is just extreme. A neck wrecker if there ever was one. Up next is the title track which is just as fast and heavy as the opener. They slow down just a little bit but through most of the song they are just all ahead full. “Harbringer” highlights some great drumming by Higgs and some great vocals by Granat where he shows that he has a decent range and vocal style that is heavy and powerful. He reminds me of Max Cavalera on Sepultura’s Arise. “Turning Hollow” is one of the slower tracks on the disc and possibly one of the strongest. The lyrics deal with life without hope and the emptiness created inside the soul. The Fallen add some melody with the track “Descend From Heaven” and close the CD out with the brutal tune “Bloodwash”

The Fallen have succeeded in creating a compelling CD. There is hardly a song on here that I want to skip over. They are all very good and just make you want to bang your head incessantly. The Fallen don’t offer anything innovative but they do what they do very well. If you are in the mood to do some serious disc damage then The Fallen might be just the guys you are looking for to put your neck in a brace. Check them out at


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