Slow Horse – S/T

Reviewed: September 2000
Released: 1999, Freebird Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Slow, slower and yet more slow. Throw in some great doom, some really down tuned guitars and you have Slow Horse. Slow Horse play a very down tuned doom metal with very slow tempos. The band was formed in 1996 by New York native Dan Bukszpan. The band consists of Dan on guitar and vocals, Jeff Mackey on bass and Rick Fiorio on drums. Slow Horse release their debut self titled CD on Freebird records in 1999. The band play with their instruments tuned down so low that at their audition for a gig at CBGBs in New York they actually make a girl puke with their ultra low bass frequencies. Their website header is “Making People Vomit Since 1997”. The band subscribe to the adage that there is no such thing as “too slow” or “too heavy”.

The CD is 6 songs clocking in at 40 minutes and 9 seconds of down tuned metal sludge. The disc opens with the ultra slow and doomy “Lick My Wounds”. Slow Horse sets out with this tune to prove their never too slow or heavy motto. They do it with this song which sounds at times like a slowed down Corrosion of Conformity or The Obsessed. Track 2 is “All Good Intentions”. This is over 8 minutes and barely gets above a snails pace. Up next is a cover of a Chris Isaac song “Wicked Game”. Slow Horse take the melancholy tune and make it all their own. A very good track.. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any slower up comes “When Are You Coming Home?” The music is as slow as anything that I have heard from most stoner/doom bands. Bukszpan stretches his voice a bit on this one and shows that he can actually sing. “No One Wants You When Your Down” is one of the best tracks on this disc. They actually pick up the pace towards the end of this track which gives the song a nice change of pace.

Slow Horse have set out to create a very heavy and very slow disc. They have succeeded. Bukszpan and his crew just crawl through most of their tracks and Bukszpan himself is a very good singer who compliments the songs that the band creates. If you like your metal ultra slow, sludgy and down tuned then check these guys out. You can read more about Slow Horse on their website


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