Scorched Earth Policy – Tones of Ambivalence XCIX/Bootcamp Demo 2000

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Reviewed: September 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Attention: Calling all major labels, calling all major labels, I think we have a winner! Hailing from San Francisco, SEP are a fairly new band that isn’t famous yet, but damn well should be! What is it about the Bay Area that produces awesome bands? Anyway, SEP plays some heavy groove-laden metal that is best classified as what new Machine Head is shooting for, minus the rap-rock overtones. Let me say that again, this is NOT rap-rock! Instead of rap, the band deliver one of the best new vocalists to hit the scene in quite some time in the single monikered Miller. This guys has a damn full set of pipes! Rich, deep, and powerful, it’s his voice that truly makes SEP rise above.

TOAXCIX is the older of the two discs offered here as it was originally released in ’99. The disc is a great intro into SEP’s world of crushing guitars coupled with gruff but still slightly melodic vocals. All 4 songs here are truly kickass, with “Target Market” standing above the other three. The band’s music rarely rises into a tempo beyond mid-pace, but when it does it is one punishing ride! This is some awesome shit right here!


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