Lessness – “Cows, Pitbulls And Spacecake”

Reviewed: September 2000
Released: 1998, Power Records Int.
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I realize that this CD is two years old now, but I just recently received a copy and felt it was only fair to give this a listen and a review. I don’t like to badmouth a band but I have to be honest here. Lessness do nothing for me. It’s not that this is crap, it’s just that the songs and execution sound completely uninspired. With an album title like Cows, Pitbulls and Spacecake I’m not surprised that this isn’t that great.

The two bands that I can hear as an influence on this band are Tool and Metallica. I am not a Tool fan at all and as for Metallica, well they’ve been copied enough! The CD begins with “Point of No Return” and right away the Tool-isms are prevalent, especially in the vocals. Next up is “Hatebreed” which is slightly better but this one has the Metallica vocalisms. In places there is a slight death metal sound, but it’s minor and buried. By track three, “The Last Goodbye”, I was ready to say goodbye to this CD. This song is awful with it’s annoying, whining off-key sounding Tool vocals on what passes as a chorus. Next up is “Hands on the Stone” with more bad vocals – what’s this the crash test dummies?? Sadly the remaining tracks carry on in this vein and nothing stands out.

Since this CD came out in 1998, maybe the band have improved. Maybe their vocalist has improved or maybe they have a new one? I’m not all excited about tracking them down to find out. If they have changed then great, let’s hear it! More information on this band can be found on rarely-updated website at come.to/lessness


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