Kruiz – S/T

Reviewed: September 2000
Released: 1988, WEA Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Joe

First off, I must thank fellow Disgruntled Metalhead Ultra Boris for sending me a copy of this CD. I first heard Kruiz back in ‘88/’89 when Much Music’s Power Hour aired their video for “In Flames” and I was immediately impressed. However, I was completely unsuccessful in my efforts to track down the album. Music clubs didn’t carry it and neither did the record stores I visited. It was even one of the first CD’s I searched for on the internet after getting online access nearly two and a half years ago. Again, no luck. I thought all hope was lost. Then a friend of mine sent me a link via e-mail to download an MP3 of “In Flames”. So (obviously) I went and downloaded it right away. Sadly though, it was the only Kruiz song on the site. (The site has since shut down.) I figured that I’d just have to be content with that one song.

Sometime after that, I mentioned having the “In Flames” MP3 to EvilG. He said he remembered Kruiz from the Power Hour and suggested adding them to the “Where Are They Now” section of Metal-Rules!!. So, to make a long story short, EvilG posted a short write-up on Kruiz along with the MP3 on the site, got some updates on the band, and even acquired a copy of the album for himself on vinyl. Ya gotta love the internet! But in the end, it was Ultra Boris who secured the CD copies of Kruiz from one of his many secret sources. (You RULE, Boris!!!)

The CD starts off with some strange noises which sound similar to a wild animal snarling then rips into “Knight of the Road”, a very speedy and thrashy tune with lots of “Euro-flair”. The thrashing continues with “Brave New World”, a title that seems to be popping up all over the place since the new Iron Maiden CD was released. Other forgotten classics on the disc are “Avenger”, “In Flames”, “Dream 5000 Years Long”, and “Possessed” (although “Heaviest In Town” and “Iron Rock” are a little cheesy). The disc also includes a version of “In Flames” sung in Russian. It’s “interesting”, to say the least…

Sadly, Kruiz broke up several years ago after recording only one album. Guitarist/vocalist Valeri Gaina has since moved to the United States where he still works as a musician/producer. As for the bassist and drummer, it seems as if no one knows what happened to them. It’s unfortunate because I’m sure they could’ve done well for themselves considering the current state European Metal scene. That’s life, I guess… But if you ever manage to luck out and stumble upon this rare Speed Metal treasure, do not hesitate to get it.

Track listing:

1. Knight of the Road
2. Brave New World
3. Heaviest In town
4. Avenger
5. In Flames
6. Dream 5000 Years Long
7. Iron Rock
8. Possessed
9. In Flames (Russian)


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Track Listing:



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