Reviewed: September 2000
Released: 2000, Metal-is Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The big news is \”The Metal God is back…\”, but a natural question follows: \”Is he still the God of Metal?\”

With Two, his previous effort, he struggled somewhere in between an electronic world and a state of confusion and misunderstanding, so haven´t we all got good enough reason to be at least \”this much\” suspicious and on tiptoe? Now, however, when I´ve been doing some serious ride through Rob´s new solo album titled RESURRECTION over and over and over again, I definitely am convinced that we have one of those extremely rare comebacks in Heavy Metal´s entire history here that fulfills every single hope (I guess?) what we, for obvious reasons, had towards Mr. Halford and his long-awaited return to the metal scene. Rob has, once and for all, made his resurrection the most imaginable and convincing way you could ever possibly think of!!

RESURRECTION contains a 49-minute load of 110% pure Heavy Metal dynamite. In fact, I personally felt like this could have easily been a follow-up album to PAINKILLER. The songs on RESURRECTION have adopted some safe and familiar elements from the golden era of Judas Priest (this including that classic PAINKILLER album, too!), but admittedly everyone and each of us expected something like that to happen from one of NWOBHM´s masterminds, or how is it, dear Halford -fans? Some of Rob´s vocal lines on \”Made in Hell\” brings \”Grinder\” from the Priest´s landmark release BRITISH STEEL album to our minds – and \”Slow Down\” could so easily be \”Metal Godz pt.II\” due to its mechanically rhythmical, guitar rolls in that particular song. I believe Rob´s band mates are all heavily influenced by J.P.´s previous works from the very bottom of their hearts which they love and adore more than many of us. So there´s definitely a connection between every individual in the band – just no doubts about it.

\”The One You Love to Hate\”, is a highlight tune off from RESURRECTION, having all those most delicious plus tastiest spices for a real Heavy Metal song. As a sweet extra, Bruce we-all-know-from-what-band Dickinson does a really powerful duet with Rob in it; I´m amazed by its true catchiness and all that.

This IS Heavy Metal like kids would want it to be served, absolutely!! As for the song entitled \”Drive\”, oh dear, oh dear, have we \”the cheesiest X-men lyrics\” here for it? But guess that´s what the true Heavy Metal should be all about. Cheesy… corny… sickening – and all the way stylistically consistent as far as being macho and all that high-ego stupidity are concerned.

But aren´t we all human and do some mistakes in our lifes sometimes, ha! Like come up with a bunch of badly written lyrics sometimes, too? Oh well, in spite of the cheesy lyrics (on \”Drive\”): WELCOME BACK to the Heavy Metal throne Mr. Halford!! ´The Metal God´ has landed to conquer that throne once again, but only this time, for good as we all may well expect… ;=)


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Track Listing:
01. Resurrection
02. Made in Hell
03. Locked and Loaded
04. Night Fall
05. Silent Screams
06. The One You Love to Hate
07. Cyberworld
08. Slow Down
09. Twist
10. Temptation
11. Drive
12. Saviour

Rob Halford – Vocals
Patrick Lachman – Guitars
Mike Chlasciak – Guitars
Ray Riendeau – Bass
Bobby Jarzombek – Drums


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